No food buff for thrall?

I noticed last night that if I feed any of my human thralls Salted Pork, they don’t get the bonus. Do food buffs not work on thralls, or is this a glitch?

It’s not Salted Pork, it’s Cooked Pork Rinds and always was so.


Player diet and thrall diet are two completely separate tables. The list on the Food page of the wiki is exclusively for players

It’s literally the first paragraph of the wiki page

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My bad, I didn’t check the wiki. I watched this vid where he says to give Salted Pork (6:53)

Just went and tried Cooked Pork Rinds on an old Teimos I had laying around…no buff

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Some food you eat will give followers a buff. Hearty meals 14% buff have to experiment with more. @b3l14l

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Awesome. I’ll try that one in a bit. Thanks!

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I haven’t seen the buff myself since 3.0, I was wondering the same, though they removed it. But yeah, Cooked Pork Rinds used to give fighters 25% damage.

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This video is blatant misinformation. Not even outdated, just plain wrong.

I can accept that, but how did he get the bonus on his stat screen that he shows a few seconds later?

I’m assuming he gave it pork rinds instead of salted pork. They are two items similar in appearance but are very different. Thralls cannot eat salted pork.

Got’cha, but that takes me back to my original question. I just back a lfew hours ago and fed a Teimos Cooked Pork Rinds and still no buff is applied.

Haven’t tried an Elixir yet, but I’ll try one of those later too just to check

The buff doesn’t affect his attributes. It’s a 25% bonus to his total damage output, at the cost of being the worst possible healing food for thralls.

Just use gruel, haunch, or exotic feasts. Nothing else is worth it

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I tried pork rinds over the weekend on our thralls shows no bounce even after damage and they have eaten. Will keep experiment

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Ah, ok. I thiught it’s show the buff under the Effects on the thrall’s information screen.

So I assume I can still pop a Cooked Pork Rinds on the thrall, and then pull that out of his inventory and replace it with gruel and the buff will stay?

The buff shows in upper left corner of your screen like wearing sand storm mask with a hour glass timer. Last a good time. :+1: I need to get on later and try more food.

Yeah, I see that when I use food/elixirs, but not when a thrall does. Their buffs use to show under the Effects, but now that box is just blank for me no matter what. Next time I can get on, I’ll see if it shows the thrall buff in the corner :grin:

You don’t use the pork rinds to heal the fighter, only for the 25% damage increase. Put one in their inventory and make them eat it, since 25% is the best bonus, others foods won’t overwrite it with their 10%.

Note we are talking about a bonus to damage and not a bonus % to stats when leveling.

HERE is a picture pre 3.0, if you look top left corner “Effects” thats the buff thralls used to get from Cooked Pork Rinds. On 3.0 I have yet to see any type of effects.


My thralls still get those buffs, right there. Do you have any mods that might interfere with thrall bonuses?

I noticed this too
I play on official so 0 mods
My thralls still get buffs but they are no longer listed in the top left of their stat page
They’ll still get the buff icon above their hp bar over their head and if you check their str dmg bonus in the bottom left of their stat page it still increases by the correct amount when the buff is applied

I play official and have never used mods before.