Are there new NPC Races?

Hyrkanian are asian

Give pvpers PICTS!!

The new land statment in sipta give us hope for more even in this area!

What Hyrkanians are has been…really inconsistent. The '82 film and Age of Conan portrayed them as proto-Mongols, in the old Marvel comics they were basically interchangeable with Turanians, and Red Sonja, famously portrayed as a red-haired white woman, is from Hyrkania.

Howard’s writings aren’t much help here either, because while he did say they eventually gave rise to Mongolians he also said they were the ancestors of the Tatars, Huns, and Turks.

Personally I favor the Mongol interpretation as well, but that’s by no means the only one out there.


Have you played “Age of Conan”? ther its alot of it!

red sonya is nonsense ■■■■■, oh come on bim-bo it’s not a very bad word
marvel… seriously?

basically hyrkanians were nomadic proto-mongols as you named it, but eventually made horde that rode across the continent and created empire like… russian founders did
while turanians were rich cousins from across the sea, who emerged past empire creation and kinda inherited, but also multiplied coffers
same origin, different upbringing
that’s how I see it

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Yes, but Howard’s fictional theory of cultural and ethnic evolution is complete nonsense, anyway.

Hyrkanians, although bundled together as a single ethnic group, are not really a homogenous people, and I don’t think Howard ever intended them to be. Just take a look at modern-day Europe. Most of the western and southern Europe used to be part of the Roman Empire, but modern day British, French, Spanish and Italian people identify themselves primarily as British, French, Spanish and Italian people, not Roman descendants. Even in Howard’s Hyborian alternate history, it took thousands of years for Hyrkanians to become Tatars, Huns, Turks, Mongols, etc. It’s realistic that within such a time span, very different cultures can evolve from the same roots.

Non-Howardian sources are inconsistent because they’re non-Howardian. Howardian sources are inconsistent because Howard wasn’t too worried about consistency, and he didn’t have any Grand Plan in his mind when he first created Conan and the setting. He just built on what he had written before, ignoring what he had written before if he felt it didn’t fit into his plan. The only really consistent element in his stories was Conan himself.

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