Are we getting Magic with the map update tomorrow?

will we be getting Magic with the update tomorrow? Also when will we be able to transfer between Maps? from what I understood you have to purchase the game BUT where do you purchase the game? so many question hope everything goes nice and smooth I can’t express how excited I am for the new map to come to console let’s have some new fun on the New Island

Nope, no sorcery with the update. Server transfers aren’t quite ready and will be announced at a later date once Funcom sorts out the current issues.


Answered sorta in Question with Dennis.

Unless they’ve somehow managed to keep it even more secret than the CIA keeps theirs, the answer is no.

You mean Isle of Siptah? I’m unfamiliar with the exact process for consoles, but it should be the same as purchasing the DLCs.

they did get awfully shut around the subject lately… tinfoil_mode=true :wink:

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