Help! Character will not transfer from Isle of Siptah to Age Of Sorcery


Hey guys, I am pretty new to Conan but I was playing Conan Exiles Island of Siptah on Single player and I decided that I enjoyed the game so much I would download the newest expansion/update (Age of Sorcery) and my player did not transfer and I am unsure why. I have also noticed there seems to be a lot of bugs already not even playing AoS but just in the menu such as half the time the game does not connect to the epic servers as well as the pointer seems to be off significantly such as if my pointer is on “play online” the “single player” will be highlighted. So far I am EXTREMLY unimpressed. BTW I am on PC, please help!

Hi @SwingJuice69 welcome to the forums.

The Age of Sorcery 3.0 update was a free update given to all characters whether they are playing on the original Exiled Lands map, Isle of Siptah DLC map, or a custom mod-created map. So, your character should not have transferred from the Isle of Siptah map, but rather simply have added the Age of Sorcery content to your game occurring on the Isle of Siptah.

As for the bugs, yes, many of those are being reported and Funcom is actively working on fixing those (at least, from what I have gathered in the comments). Hope that helps.


So I think that I have found the issue. My player name in the bottom left had corner is different between Siptah and AoS. If I could change that we would be set I feel. Now when I downloaded the update, in response to your above response, It downloaded it as a new game. I have a new icon on my desktop and I wonder if that is also some of my issue. I am going to try and uninstall and reinstall to see if that fixes the problem.

I am confused about your post. You seem to understand AoS as a new Dlc´s or map. But it isn´t. Its just an update of the current game.

If you played on Isle of Siptah on Singleplayer before the update, your game should automatically update your world to 3.0 to add the new content. You can just play, like you did before.

If you have mods installed, you need to make sure that this mods are having the 3.0 comparibility patch otherwhise your game might not start or give you other problems. If you are not sure if a mod is updated yet, go to your steam library. Search for the mod and look when the last update has occured. Most mod creators will have a notice that their mod was updated to 3.0 or has at least hast 01.September or later shown as last updateinformation.


So unsure if this makes a difference but I had never paid for the game, it was a free dowload so I do not have the option of an in game menu for purchases I had to dowload it from epic game. So when I dowloaded the “update” it creates a new desktop icon as well as a completely new game along with a different user name.

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