Are you one day going to clean officials servers? Pics inside

Actually is against the rules, its considered claim spamming.



fact is many of us here on conan left Ark cause of the over spamming crap that was killing off servers, with land claim and server lag from way to many structers… making the server fps drop low as hell… and now we seeing this on conan doing the same thing. i agree something has to be done… i been around conan since the start… but last few months land claim has became to uncallled for spec when your on a server that’s pretty full and multi clans doing the same thing with the massive land claim… yees i understand the reason why behind it… but it is overkill to any server no matter pvp or pve…

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i personally agree on this! they only do it cause its a workaround the rules!
for me ANY player doing what is shown in the pics should simply be banned from game for 9 days. after the 1st ban they should have 9 days and their character deleted (so they will have to grind at scratch if they wish to start again) and 3rd ban should be banned from the specific server forever.
Upon 3rd time the circle above should be banned from all officials for ever.

how many players u think would rebuy this game along with dlcs just to troll?

(but i cannot accept a “wipe servers” solution! there many people playing the game as intended, or people that did nothing worthy of punishment , and this is where u get me opposed to that!!)


It costs time and money to maintain servers. If I were Funcom, I would spend little to no effort on them and hope it drives everyone to private servers.

Also, thank you for reminding me why I never PvP.


I dont know how pvp players feel but I can careless how many duplicates someone has. Im on pvec the turn over rate is so high I highly doubt any of the items back when duping was a thing are still around.

Server wipes like rust would be so good, it wouldn’t prevent these eyesores completely but it would reduce em… well depending how often the wipes would occur.

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Hello @Selene01, although there are no plans to wipe the Official servers, we may act upon certain situations that we determine to be abusive, based on the following guidelines:

As we’re unable to actively monitor each of the 1000+ servers, we rely heavily on the infraction reports we get through Zendesk , so be sure to forward as much information to us as possible regarding this particular server so that we may help out if possible.


Their HP strongly reinforces the claim tho because people still can’t really build structures bc the vaults simply block the place.

Idk how it works on pc but if I was banned on PlayStation I could just use an alt account without even having to buy the game again so there is no real point in that

@Selene01 funcom created that whole problem when they intoduced the trebuchet changes. If a bubble doesn’t protect you from a trebuchet, you need to make sure that nobody can build one in range. There are many locations that a treb can’t really do anything to but they are often blocked by some clans so often a pillar is the only option and a pillar needs claim

Hello hugo, can we expect something to be done other than reporting?
There have been a lot of suggestions regarding this topic, ie. building cap or building upkeep, as well to change the way the decay system works.

To be honest, reporting feels useless, as many of those get ignored because players “did nothing wrong” but their buildings are just there sitting in the land and nobody is using them because they just login once a week to refresh timers. isnt that blocked content?


When its the wrong way to play why doesn´t Funcom fix it then? Other game companies can do it and actually do it sucessfully. So why not Funcom?

Well, what I can tell you is this: the whole pvp stuff is so messed up that every time Funcom tries “to balance it” it gets even more worse then it was before, which makes people come up with new ways to beat the system. We had people flying on weaponracks, we had giants, meshing into structures and terrain by simply using a chair, spying and entering bases with a spear, offline killing people with gas, unlimited stamina, no fall damage, forever lasting god bubbles, trebuche flying, trebs that can be fired through very smal gaps, getting close to a bigger base loads the interrior first, we have people using a certain mechanic to tell which vault is empty and which has loot. We´ve got players turning their weapons invisible, we got thralls not responding correctly or having infinitive inventory space. We have pets that you can´t outrun and will give you a permanent debuff to make you a snack for everyone else riding a horse, we have totally unbalanced horses … we actually have every fu… bug you can imagine in a game that is way past his full release. I know exactly why pvp is so messed up…because Funcom isn´t doing their job correctly. But its easier to blame the gamer then the company. Messed up world.

We’ve taken note of present and past feedback regarding the building system and, although there’s nothing specific we can share at this time, it’s something that’s definitely being considered while moving forward with the game.

Blocking content involves restricting access to large areas of land, dungeons, unique NPCs/POIs, and resources (ie. blocking Shattered Springs). We always consider the size of the claim together with all these points, as well as the server type, to determine whether we may intervene or not.


i do not know how it works on consoles, but on pc (and i say it from experience cause one of the players in my server that was actually in got permabanned-rightfully - by walling a player in his walls on a debate about a base location) , and his steam account was blocked from game and dlcs…
he had to rebuy game and all dlcs, and he still plays , but he now behaves , and makes sure that neither him or his clan will perform a similar action…
rebuying game aint fun!

but again ty for bringing this to my attention, i honestly do not know how it is to play on consoles…
And the reason i believe in the report system on such behaviours is that i have seen it work on my server in more than one persons… and i have seen a 3 day ban occuring , a 7 days ban occuring and a permaban after the 7 days on same guy…

my personall workaround through this situation was getting in an alternative server and leveling up there, but since the active administration thingie , all u really have to do is read rules , if broken apply report and have some patience…

the last paragraph is amazing indeed!!!
these words r gold to my ears!!!

ty for replying this @Hugo

Thats good to know, thank you, hugo.

Thank you very much , I personally get a lot of help right now and I will use this to explain to everyone that I play with . Always there bravo guys :+1:

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This is really good to know! Thank you for clarifying that :slight_smile:


I appreciate the clarification, but it would be nice to know what constitutes large? 360m (1 map square)? 180m (1/2 a square?). Conan appears to be sold on the promise of building big. But I definitely understand the need for a limit. This is why I’m so adamant about land claim changes, as they would provide an empirical, in-game standard for how large a player can build.

Edit: For example, I control a territory of roughly one map square on my home server, but I don’t block access to any resource spawns except a little bit of ice. Is my build legal? These ambiguities would ideally be addressed via gameplay mechanics.

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