Are you one of those that rent a server for Conan Exiles without reading the ToS?

I learn the hard way to read the ToS even when they make it difficult in several ways to discourage you from reading it. Be aware of shady business practices when you rent a server for your leisure time and your adventures in Conan Exiles world.

This is the first time I encounter this kind of practice from a host. I have got the money back from other hosts when they could not fulfill their word but it seems this is not always standard in the business. Have you ever experience same or alike issues when renting servers? Is this common business practice? For me it sounds that in practice/reality we are dealing with stealing events where companies just change the name, calling it “refund you to your account in our own business”. It is a refund to themselves, of course. Not to you. There is no refund to you if you have no control over the money.

"AA Game Hosting - Warning

Word games: they say refund but the refund is a refund to themselves. Means they keep your money and forces you to stay with them. If you really want to leave 4ever 'cause you got issues with their service then you leave your money with them. Compare to a shop in town conducting the same style of business. Can you trust a company with such a business practice?

I rented a server and at least 50% of the day gone and no server yet because they had a lot of problems to get it right. First issue is that the server appears at the wrong location but also it never comes online. Polite at start in chat but after so long time I start urging them to give me feedback so i know what’s happening - I got only silence as an answer. Lesson: read any company’s ToS before buying their services and boycott those that use the word refund when in fact they are keeping your money even after you want to leave because they have a bad service.

“16.5 Game Servers have a 3 day unconditional money back guarantee. If you find the services to be deficient or unsatisfactory, you are entitled to a full refund of the contract amount to your credit balance at AA Game Hosting within the first 3 days of account setup. This does not include setup fee’s or addons to a gameserver. ‘Early access’ games or games identified as alpha\beta as stated on the steam store\the developer of the game which we provide as a game server service do not come under this money back guarantee. If you have an issue with one of these products please contact our support and we do what is within our power to resolve these issues for you.”

I contacted them to fix the issue but as there were more than 1 issue and taking so long time to fix and at the end getting silence as an answer… I got enough and wanted my money back. Good company that makes its bread by keeping customer’s money when they want to go. If you don’t mind leaving your coins after a bad experience that is up to you but for my common sense that is a bad practice that makes me wonder what else to expect from this kind of mental scheme when doing business.


People see what they want to see, people focus, and interpret the world in any of its shapes or semblances based in who they are and what their needs are. Both common sense and research corroborate this and that it is so for both visual perceptions and mental, cognitive perceptions. So, I want to point out that the post main track is about ToS, what happens when we do no read ToS.

The above is good to know, is relevant information in General Discussion and related to the issue when you play a good game that you love and want to play and at the same time the game allows private, dedicated servers.

Gportal is trash!
No way to stop them from taking from your credit card even if auto pay is OFF!
No way yo contact them. They never respond to snail mail, Email and their phone number goes no where.
The down time, and BS is out of control.

Cancelling credit card.
■■■ em!

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Seems like the server business has a mafia problem :frowning:

I use PayPal, easier to stop payments and no need to cancel credit card when troubles knock on your door.

Gportal boasts it has contact info in the US and Europe, yet you can’t reach either. So I can’t cancel my server and I turned auto pay off and they still charged me again!!! Ggggrrrrr!!!

This all seems related to other companies and completely unrelated to CE, other than that it happened to be the game you bought a server for.

i already time and time again that funcom needs to host its own private server.
but even saying so did get me a 2 week ban so… i’ll sayit again. funcom needs to get their own junk back on the rails

Got my money back. Even if it is not 100% you always get it right it is worth to use Paypal and read every ToS before renting anything:

“Because we were unable to obtain additional information from Server Solutions regarding your claim, this case has been resolved in your favor and you have received a refund of 19,50 USD. If you paid with a credit card, the money is refunded to your credit card. Please note that it can take up to 30 days for the refund to appear on your card statement.”

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