Is it to late to get a refund!

I mean since you rolled out the DLC, I have been able to play maybe once! All other times the Servers are down with no information from Funcom, or in the forums (other than everyone commenting on the servers being down). Did you take our money and then turn the game off or something! You released a game and had hardly any of the bugs or glittches fixed from the early release!

Yeah my friends who I talked into buying this game over the weekend are curious as well. I feel terrible talking them into this mess

I bought mine on psn storr so idk what my options are.
Wish i had bought through Amazon

coming from someone who plays over 100 hundred hours a week and been through hell. Trust me on that one seen alot that made me want to quit and say screw it but due to 4 friends that keep me in game , we speak everyday about the issues and 2 of us look for the issues to try and get them fixed. I would wait a week or 2 till the big patch rolls out and taming. We have been trying with funcom pushing some issues that alot of people deal with on a regular basis so when i say this coming from me lol . Wait for the big patch maybe try taming and then see’s what happen. If not i don’t blame you wish you guys good luck but a few of us really want this game to take us.

Hi there,

Unfortunately, Funcom is unable to process any refunds for Conan Exiles directly as we do not have access to the billing information used to make the purchase. In order to get a refund, please contact the retailer that you had purchased the game from. They will be able to assist you further.

The game is wonderful, and one of the wery best survival games games out there.

Refund, well ok, but i have many hours in game, online, on official, so i do not agree.

Sometimes things happen, like over the weekend, server providers i guess, but there is singleplayer while you wait, and it is worth it.

The reason you see angry posts are because we love the game, and want more, so some peopke get stressed and yell a lot, but its really because the game rocks.

Play sp, invite a friend if your server is down, for me the problem seems to be fixed, ao 1 weekend after 5 weeks isnt to bad.

I remember wow, we raided darnassus and the servers broke while we where on the boats entering the zone, so it is a lot of things players do not consider, and blizzard, with all that cash cam they also make mistakes?
Ofc they can, we all do.

Then also people didnt know that to run a mmo isnt really easy, alltho this isnt a mmo it have much more elements that can be altered and therefore not so easy anyways.
Ad the living elements of the game is massive, it could not work as a mmo, sadly.
Anyways, you plsy s great game, and i am sure youll be happy once you get going with ure pals, wait and see and hit me back after 1-2 weekls:)

500 h plus and counting, all online.

It won’t get any better. It’s been like this since day 1 of Early Access with Conan Exiles.

They don’t communicate (other than copy/paste customer service responses in the forums), the patches barely fix more than they break and they leave game breaking bugs around for weeks/months/forever.

This is FunCom, like it or leave it (you can’t love it).

So if the game is bugged, FunCom should get in front of it and Post something in the Forums to let people know what is going on. I played WoW and many other games from very early on. Not all of them, but most of them gave the community a heads up of the issues so that we could at least know they were working on them. Also for planned maintance they gave some pre advisement. Games that just randomly took down servers and didn’t post anything didn’t keep my support. I like the game, the building concepts are great, but I am not going to stick with a game that I can’t play becuase they can’t keep the servers up during peak playing times. FunCom should have kept the game in Early Access and gotten most of the bugs fixed.

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