Give me a refund

It takes more than 2 hours to find out how many problems this game has, I bought the game after official release but the game has early access tier problems.

I’ve had enough. I want my money back. This company will never receive a single cent from me ever again.


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The game is still in beta! Sorry post-release beta! It’ll be in full release May 2019.

Funcom’s a little slow. Sorry, they have not enough workers and were not given enough time to complete the game.


How many hours have you played conan exiles? More than 7-10 hours? :thinking: if there are more, then you have no reason to complain or to demand. :man_shrugging: most solo games offer less playing time and cost more.

but I still agree with you that conan exiles would have too many bugs for an official released game


Ehh… less than 7-10 hours?! Which kinds of games offer that little content and get away with it?

Yup, sure does. The state it’s in now would’ve been about right for the start of Early Access (a dreadful concept to begin with, but disturbingly popular these days).

Ehh… less than 7-10 hours?! Which kinds of games offer that little content and get away with it?

Oh, that’s a very long list and I don’t mean openworld games. they’re coming through with everything now. this can be seen at early access concept. players pay to be betatester.

the point is, most player cry and complain companys, but spend many hours in a game. a good example can be found here (other game)

Yup, sure does. The state it’s in now would’ve been about right for the start of Early Access (a dreadful concept to begin with, but disturbingly popular these days).

That’s right. Conan Exiles would have needed an additional year of early access, but some manager had dollar signs in his eyes.


Did you ever play anothing else in this genre?
“start or EA” lol, who do you think you fool really?

Ask anyone who ever played ark or rust during all those years of EA they where in, you miss the ball totally, this just isn`t true at all!
Better yet, all or them, or maybe Reign of Kings was something for you?
That was top notch i guess, well played.
What games did you program again?

The game are developed on 3 platforms within 1,5 years…
Well done is what you should say, and go on with your life to play another game instead of crying you heart out for 30 euros if you dislike it so much.

But then again, some people have fun in game, others on a forum i guess.

To the OP.
Many many games are done after 5-10 hours, and i mean many.
It`s to bad that you encounter trubble in-game, but what are the issues you experience really?

Conan Exiles at this place in time is stable, and i have absolutely no problem playing and enjoying CE as-is.
Some of the things encountered today are server/client related, and thats all about optimization.
As we all know, thats not done in a second, it takes some time, and effects all games, EA or not.

Private dedicated servers work well, singleplayer works well, and co-op works well.
G-Portal need to check their hw in my opinion, because CE is not that demanding to run, just restart it once in a while.

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Yeah not shining examples of good practices either of those two… but no, I never played either. I guess if you think ARK (the guys who put out paid DLC during a ridiculously long EA phase) is an example of how it should be done, it shows what level of of quality you expect. You’re corporate’s favorite sucker though, happily eating whatever swill they put before you, and thanking them for it.

Man you really have to let that one go. But I guess you think you make some sort of point by continually referencing it even though all it does is show your lack of reading comprehension?

I am having plenty of fun in the game as well. Doesn’t mean I have to like everything about the game’s current state though. A fun game with a lot of serious and semi-serious issues (ie Conan Exiles) is exactly what an EA title should be. Funny thing is you probably think you’re doing the game a favor by refusing to acknowledge it has issues and arguing with anyone who says it does.


Conan exiles is my favorite game. I’ve played 100’s of entertaining hours for a year. I think its worth every cent. Plus they keep adding content, stability fixes, and optional dlc’s. If they add more randomness to spawn points for Thralls, creatures, and monsters, I’ll still be playing years from now.


I argue straight out lies, and if the person dont have the right perspective i think it is in place to do so.
Funcom have done this so much better then the companies before them that its ridicilous, and therefore i get upset when people sometines have eyes only for them self, and there it stops, even tho in many cases it have been a ltp issue, but still some people keep up the hassle.

Credit where its due, and critisism where its due is all fine for me, but a little bit more objective sense could go a long way.

I dont have to trow out my meaning at any given chance like some one do, i report my findngs yes, and thats fine, but do i have to preclaimn the same thing in every other post i find?

Especially like this thread that is obviousely not a “suggestion”, but a provocation, but i guess thats all fine right?
you had to answer and give the op cred and agree of course, while i wouldnt give it the light of day if it wasnt for the answers you gave to support the given “fact”.

Now i asked what he was on about, certain things that he wanted to say, but nothing, because it for sure doesent belong in a suggestion thread!

And neither do this discussion really, so thats all.

I want my money back. I don’t like the game.

The game couldn’t give me my money’s worth in 100 years of gameplay.

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how many hours did you play?

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Conan exiles is stable??? Dude, I can crash official servers at will any time I want and prevent others from playing. You know nothing about this game…


OP, there are those of us here that are trying to help out though we can’t do that unless you tell us how many hours you played the game.

As we need to know so then we can find out if you can get that refund the you seem to desire.