Arena Rework Suggestion

A weapon to stagger bosses as a reward from the Arena. Maybe a rework of the area? The entrance to the Arena leads to an instance.

You face some skeletons and eventually get to the center of the Arena where the undead dragon would be, and see a Giant King sitting on a throne, saying you will have to endure multiple gauntlets for your reward. Skeletons stand around by the sides of the fighting area, spectating the match.

Start off with some human NPCs, then they get tougher, and on the fourth round or so, you’re fighting a T4 Thrall in heavy armor with other NPCs at his side, and at the back, you have two archers firing healing arrows at the main T4 thrall, and then other archers firing at you.

Next up you have another T4 thrall by himself, equipped in Arena Champion armor and wields a Star Metal shield and sword. Defeating him will lead to the main event: The Undead Dragon.

The dragon will drop the usual but will have a Fragment of Power in its inventory. You take this and use it to buy the weapon from the Giant King that overlooks the fight. He will give you a Two-Handed Sword that can cause bosses to stagger. Buying the weapon from him will also give you the rewards from the previous gauntlets.

Dying at any point will make you return to the beginning of the gauntlets. What do you think?

It sounds like a challenge. I kinda like the idea of having an “endurance mode” Arena fight. But there’s a risk in your suggestion, and it’s that with the reward you’re suggesting, it’s one difficult fight to make all future boss fights trivial.

Most bosses are slow, and you can kite them, dodge them or cheese them. Letting us stagger them would add yet another tool to turn boss fights into non-fights. Basically, Funcom would need to redesign their bosses to take stagger into account. This, in turn, could make the new Boss-stagger weapon compulsory for boss fighters.

No, I’m afraid this tool would be impossible to make and keep it balanced. It’s too specialized, and too powerful for that one role.

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