Regarding Thralls, we need to address the Root Problem: Bosses

I’ve been reading people’s posts about their takes on how to handle this problem. Which ever direction our Devs take is up to them, but the root cause of thralls being this powerful is ultimately bosses imo.

Right now, bosses are just huge health pools. That’s it. Sure, there are unique attacks but they aren’t enough. We need bosses that involve other mechanics to make a fight interesting. The current purpose thralls mainly serve is to tank & dps bosses. We watch & support them.

I’d encourage the Devs to look to other games for inspiration, specifically titles like Dark Souls as the combat has a bunch of similarities.

Something else I suggest is boss health scaling like in dark souls based off player/Thrall numbers present.

Some stuff to get us started;

  • An arena could have hazards we need to lure bosses into, making them stunned and take extra damage briefly.
  • A boss could fight normally for a time, then lead up into a very dangerous combo for players. When evaded it gives a clear window of attack.
  • Bosses could have a mechanic were they actually hurt themselves
  • Bosses could buff themselves, summoning a horde of petty minions to distract us. If we attack them we stop them buffing/healing

Bosses need to be more mechanic based rather than just Tanks. Thralls can then be more on par with player strength. These changes need to happen at the same time as well.

@Shadoza I don’t think you get what type of scaling I’m referring to (TESO Scaling is completely different from Dark Souls boss scaling).

In Dark Souls, when you have one ally for co-op, the boss gets 50% more health. 2 allies it has 100% (double), 3 it has 150% more hp.

This sounds bad, but it plays out fine, as you effectively has 4x the dps vs the boss having 150% extra hp and 4 people to split aggro on when somone needs to heal.

The fight overall becomes easier with more people, but it’s still perfectly possible to solo everything.

world bosses in general are meant for groups… I mostly solo so they always had to much health.

Thralls were fine at 3-6k ranges. I get the other threads point of t4 are “rare”, but 10k-15k 18k ones are just overboard.

No one wants to “Lose” stuff… in a survival game were stuff is meant to be destroyed and killed and die.
At certain point thou… your hard work shouldnt be near impossible to loss.

t4 can be less rare and have 6500 or 7000. Like old Valas and what not. Maybe give thralls better self healng options. So they actually use aloe potions when given a stack.

I hate losing stuff… but at certain point, there kinda meant to be killable. There needs to be a risk of taking a a high end thrall somewhere.

SP mode could use its own adjustments… online, AI itself could be alot better.

Again thou… I’m spoiled by Monster Hunter and Dragons Dogma combat, So CE falls abit short.
Souls Game AI has gotten alot better, its pretty good. You still watch those npc summon eat attacks over and over… which is kinda what thralls do.

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