Armor from the bazaar

Hey all, I’m a total newb, how do you acquire armor from the bazaar, I know you buy with crom coins, then what? You learn it then you have to make it yourself? Sort of bummed I spent $20 and I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks

Yes, you make it yourself. Comes in a regular and epic version.

Go to your improved armorers bench, or the campaign armorers bench. Scroll through, it is listed in alphabetical order. Remember to place your desired tier 4 thrall on the bench to obtain the relevant bonuses. Craft away.

There are two sorts of items in the item shop: one-use items you just claim for yourself (such as the Khitan Captain illusion items), and Ancestral Knowledge items, which unlock the feat necessary to craft the items. Bazaar items are mostly the latter type. The good thing is that those recipes will then be available for all your characters, whereas the “claim once” items are only for the character you were playing when claiming the item.

You may also need to unlock the necessary prerequisite feats in the base game in order to craft the Bazaar items. For example, you need to have unlocked the Saddlemaker feat to make the saddles from the Battle Pass or item shop.

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