Restricted crafted bazaar items might be hurting your sales

Disclaimer: I’m not someone looking for free handouts for armor appearances. I switch servers regularly and can’t take armors with me. I can however take the crafting recipes with me, so if I like the look of one I buy them.

But your decision to block these armors for non-purchasers has the adverse effect of making those armors feel worthless. Like they’re not actually part of the world. Like they have no contributing value.

I’ll never bulk-craft gurnahki armor because 3/4ths of my clan can’t even use it. So that armor will sit unused and forgotten in favor of the older dlcs. The only thing that won’t be forgotten is the feeling of it being a waste of money. A feeling I’ll remember the next time I see a cool looking armor.

Just my 17 dollars. (I mean 2 cents)


well… check this we got plenty of threads, but sadly, this is how game works now, even devs cant put dlc (bazaar\battle pass) armor on npcs…

You forgot that you cannot use Bazaar items offline, unlike cultural dlc’s


Oh yes! I forgot I also had the misfortune of my armor removing itself at the beginning of this update because I didn’t own permission for it. Super fun to know if my internet goes out I can’t use what I paid for on Single-player

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