Idea for a better bazaar loot lock

Nobody likes not being able to use loot they got from pvp just because the other guy spent somr money

Insted they could lock the repair of an item in the same way as an unknown recipe for example if you are lvl 10 and try to repair a starmetal pickaxe it tells you you don’t know how to craft it and a add durability penalty to repair kits this way if you use raw mats to repair gear it keaps its max durability
And if they buffed legendary gear this would efect them as well macking players hut for them
As well as giving them a reason to buy the skin (ether keep stealing it from someone irblearnbto craft ti your self

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Message from Den, Lead Designer on this subject followed by some responses also on this subject:

"denLead Designer


There’s a lot in this thread I’m not even going to start to try to unpack - but no need to tinfoil hat on this one.

We have changes in place internally for you to be able to equip items with illusions if you don’t own the illusion, we just didn’t have time to get it out for launch. Once that update goes out, as long as it’s an item you can use (base game, or you have the entitlement) you’ll be able to equip the item and see the default weapon appearance if you don’t own the illusion entitlement."

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Dear Sairdontis, yes we all aware with dev response, but this not clarifying anything besides illusion items.
What about BP or Bazaar (or old DLCs) craftable gear? Can we pick it, use it, drop it (clan sharing) without buying (unlocking) it…
If we do and only restrictions are repair\illusion\infusion - that’s totally fine
If we don’t - rip one of the core game mechanics -looting

Or even better take a leaf out of other games and attach bought/unlocked items to their game/account so we can at least use the items we own when the net, or your servers go poof for a week or more.

Now that the first part is not there you might read the second part that addresses exactly what you are asking now.

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