Has the game been reverted back to where only certain thralls can craft certain armor?

I’m missing a crap ton of recipes in both the garrison bench and the improved armor bench. The Slaveforged sets being one of the prime examples. I own all the DLC and have all armor both normal and epic unlocked.

No it did not revert back. Some recipes require a named thrall, but any named thrall is as good as any other.

Slaveforged should not require a thrall at all.

Are you sure you didn’t recently reset your feats and forget to unlock them again?

Another possibility is you have a specific DLC filter turned on in your bench. Check your filter and make sure it is set to All.

no but i wish

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Check and see if you filtered your crafting window. I switched it to Siptah dlc when building and when I went to the armor bench, was shocked about all the missing armors until I saw the filter on

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