Armor Manikins; Nuff Said

Add them. Just because. Why not?

Also, the wooden weapon/shield holders need to have variations that match tier 2-3 building types.

Give a like, if agreed.


I think this is an awesome idea for a couple of reasons:

  1. Easy access to the various armor sets or outfits you might use, put a mannequin or three in your room/armory/whatever and instead of digging around in chests for each piece, they’re all organized right there in front of you.

  2. Make a bunch of mannequins, outfit them all with the same full-coverage armor set, line them up in your entrance hall or something for that extra “oomph” of awesomeness.


Yep, definitely. I a currently have to settle for putting soldiers there now, but this would be an awesome substitute

I read this as “mankini” far too long and was so confused. I’ve seen mannequins suggested here before and I agree, that would be an AWESOME addition. :slight_smile: Maybe in the future sometime. I’ll have to poke someone again and see if this would be a possibility.


LOL, sorry, I actually googled the spelling, and Manikin came up. Mannequin* looks more correct haha. But yes! Would love to see suits of armor lined up down hallways. Thanks for pushing this one along though!

Oh you’re fine, I mess that word up all the time. Just don’t google “mankini”. Or do! :laughing:

haha Probably not from work :joy: here is some inspiration from Google.

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Definately agree with you. Liked. This one has been requested on numerous occasions by others. In fact Im also requesting it in my own suggestions list. Lets keep our fingers crossed it gets approved.

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Yeah. I second this emotion. It’s unfortunate your awesome armors are hidden away in a container. Also, I situationally swap armors all the time, enough so that I have sets of each armor at all of my bases. Yes, I often carry a second set on me but I prefer not to to maximize carry cap.
It would be nice to decorate my bases with these suits of armor.


This will indeed be a good addition to my small mansion in the game. And also more different weapon and shield displays. For one, two or even 4 weapons. And make them lockable as the chest, so they will be at least a little safer then just open and free to grab.

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