‘New scroll for Library of Esoteric Artifacts: Armour Mannequin

Can we get a mannequin scrolls so we can better display armor and weapons in our based. Please make available in both male and female.
Just a thought … I was a soldier for many years and we riged a setup to hold our body armor… no it did not look like a Mannequin… but, a fighter having their armor held in a set quickly ready to use is important.

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  • No
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I love this. We need a way to display armour

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That would be a great addition. They should also add a merchant sign for Carpentry/Construction.

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Kazorvey we have been consistently requesting this feature for over a year now, and I throw my support behind in every single time. May I offer a friendly suggestion? Change your threads heading to ‘New scroll for Library of Esoteric Artifacts: Armour Mannequin’ and it will grab even more attention. I have been wanting this feature so badly for so long.


I am here for this! It would be awesome.

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Adding it as a scroll is a great way to introduce it. I think that’s a better spin than just please add.


Yes to mannequins

I voted ‘no’ - because I felt artifacts need to be more special. I, however, support the idea of adding armor mannequins to the game (just not as a recipe in exchange for a fragment of power).

I remember there was something similar in the game since a few years ago, maybe it’s been removed (or my memory fails me ahah)

However, I’m totally for it !

I love this idea, too. I’ve looked at mods to do it but I haven’t found any that don’t also add loads of other things I don’t want.

The armour sets look great but I never wear most of them so this would be a great reason to unlock and build them - to decorate the base.

And an extremely robust 98% support. Please Funcom we have asked for so long now, over a year. Please grant us the Armour Mannequins we so desire. :pray:

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