Armor + questions

I cannot find where my royal armor is the sword had a code how do I get my royal armor and there’s no footprints in the sand why not? And the Vanir breechclout Is not visible on my character why?

The armor was a download to anyone that had the EA pc version and Xbox preview. All of the PC EA players got the set yesterday.

Hi, the royal armour was also a pre order bonus for pre ordering digital on the PS4 yet I haven’t got mine? (I digitally preorded) does it come later? Are you meant to start with it in your inventory? Is it craftable?

I actually, strangely, have the dlc sword though (which was only supposed to be available to those who have physical copies??)

I did pre-order the digital copy and I do not have the armor

@Stitch Are you playing on Steam, Xbox, or PS4? For Xbox, there was a delay in getting this DLC released, but it should be provided in the near future.

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I play on Xbox one

The flawless and exceptional Vanir settlers breechclout is not visible on the character the Regular one is visible though

Thank you for the response it’s much appreciated

The developers are currently aware of the visual error with Vanir Settlers Breechclout. Thanks for the report!

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So does the Xbox one version not have footprints in the sand because on the dev stream I could clearly see footprints on their version

Please fix the bug with the visuals on the armor and the footprints and my royal armor through Xbox one I’m such a fan of the game I have faith in you guys

Will there be another update soon including the footprints LOL

Unfortunately, there are no footprints on consoles at this time. We can certainly pass along that you’d like to see them in the future. The armor issues is seen on all platforms, and will be fixed as soon as possible. We’re sorry for the inconvenience at this time.

Yes please do pass that along it’s the little things that count Think of it as if you have one cup some golf balls sand and coffee how are you going to get that all in your cup you can try to take care of the big things first put the golf balls in and then you can pour the sand around it but there’s always time for coffee if you had an entire barrel of water to drink you couldn’t do it all at once you would have to drink it one cup at a time

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