Armor Stations take to long

Hello everyone
OK, crafting armor be it delved, regular or advanced takes way too long to craft items, even the new stations are, be it at the garrison or campaign, in my opinion, take too long it shouldn’t take 15min to craft one item. And I’m curious why don’t thralls increase the speed of the stations anymore. I mean what is the point of a lvl 1 or 2 or 3 thrall then? better yet a named I miss my thralls speeding up the process of crafting.

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It doesn’t take 15 minutes to craft an item (at least not in the garrison bench) - I crafted a full set of epic heavy armor yesterday - by the time I’d gone back downstairs in the base to get some resources the tinker’s bench had run out of and came back up, the full set of armor had finished crafting.

One thing I have found with CE is that it’s always good to just go and do something else rather than wait for something to craft - standing there watching it always feels far slower.

That said, I’m not disagreeing about the thralls - I also miss them providing extra speed. And I do think there’s still a lot of the crafting update that could do with adjusting to get the balance right.

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