Armorers and Blacksmiths

Wouldn’t you say an armorer or blacksmith of tier 3. Should know how to make his factions armor or weapons ?

IE., A Lemurian T3 armorer or blacksmith should know how to make Lemurian armor or weapons ?

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it used to be like that with t4s, but for some weird reason they listened to those complaining that it was too hard to get certain thralls, (fixed if enough of them per race are a possibility to be found.

case was grr legbiter , who was painfully hard to get and the only one who could make flawless hyperborean armor, (this could have been fixed by simply adding more armorers that could do the same and make it less “rare”


Well ,I asked for this to be fixed , asking for justice in a way . A lot of things don’t make sense anymore and the game becomes lazier .
I don’t like the fact that Teimos can become stronger than Spina’s or Dalinsia .
I don’t like the fact that Lone fisherman makes more recipes than purge cooks etc …
So please place your ideas focused on the live stream , because we might have answers about it .

make the questions on the appropiate thread. i doubt question in this one will get answers.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: , I know m8 , already did , thanks anyway :+1: .

Well in my opinion a smart player would learn the faction armors himself so a thrall wouldn’t have to know it. To prove my point do you know how to make your nations armor and weapons?

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