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Funcom, you need to revamp your blacksmiths. The armor-smiths work really well for the most part but as the blacksmiths can all make exactly the same things except for one or two low end garbage weapons there is no point to having more than one named blacksmith in the game. Spread out the knowledge. A blacksmith found around noob river should not have the knowledge to make Flawless Obsidian and Serpent Man weapons. Those should be from two different named Blacksmiths in the volcano area. A named blacksmith in around the Mounds should be the only one with Flawless Star Metal weapons. Make a derfari named blacksmith craft flawless versions of the darfari weapons. A smith from Sepemuru could make flawless stygian weapons. Just spread around the knowledge like you did with armor-smiths please.


YES PLEASE!!! make NPC blacksmiths have the knowledge of their faction… also I would like the NPCs to also beable to make a (weaker) legendary weapon. this would be like the darfari being able to make a legendary darfari themed weapon, relic hunters having a epic kopesh or stygian spear… (black hand pirates need a legendary cutlass)

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No, they should all have the knowledge of how to make the perfected high level weapons. If anything they should have the ability to make the low end weapons into high end weapons.

So all T4 blacksmiths should be able to make the best version of star metal weapons and up, but a T4 Defari blacksmith should be able to make a version of a Defari weapon that would compete with obsidian or star metal weapons.

It would give players a reason to spread out, and it would lead to a larger diversity of weapons and role playing. Otherwise, you just get everyone trying to camp Sep City with the rest of the map being largely untouched.


No, they would not be camping Sep City because they already are. Three main places people camp are Sep City, Mounds and Volcano. Nothing in my suggestion would make any difference to that. And the idea that some Darfari blacksmith would know how to make flawless version of Star Metal, Serpent Man or Obsidian weapons is complete rubbish. He wouldn’t even know they existed.

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And they should be trying to change it, not reinforce it.

The named ones are supposed to be legendary in their craft. Sure they might not know it existed, but they do after you bring it to them. And being as good as they are, and with the knowledge you give them about it, they should be able to very quickly pick up how to use it.

It’s like how a random guy off of the street would not be able to easily master Karate, but a Kung Fu master might be able to pick it up right away.


Would a Kung Fu master be able to pick up Karate easily, probably. Would they be able to to be a master at it right away? Not in a million years. So your analogy proves my point not yours. No matter if you told some current blacksmith how to create a weapon he has never heard of he is never going to be a master at it as soon as you tell him. It will take YEARS of experience with the techniques and styles of this new weapon he had no knowledge of before. But according to you everyone should be a master of everything, so why not just have 1 T4 blacksmith pop up all over the map. Literally no point to having more than one.

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Pretty certain anyone could master it in a million years.

I went through the Thrall List some time back, so not sure if this is still vaild. These are the blacksmiths you should logically have:

Beri from Heirs of the North

Flawless Hardened Steel (Daggers, Greatsword, Hammer, Spear, Sword, Throwing Axe, Warhammer, Trident)

The Purge

Flawless Falcata, Legendary Weapon Repair Kit

Maev the Magnificent of the Black Hand
Conall the Hammer of the Exiles
Hyam Hammerhand of the Relic Hunters

Flawless Longsword and Steel Poniard

Vulfeles the Hammer of the Forgotten Tribe

Flawless Star Metal Hammer or Trident

Compared to the current necessary Armorers, if you like to get everything:

The Purge

Bearer Pack, Horned Heavy Plate Helm, Heavy Plated Helm, Heavy Leather Helm

Fia of the Lemurians

Epic Flawless Lemurian Royal/Warrior sets

Hanar of Bossonia of the Relic Hunters

Flawless/E. Flawless Relic Hunter and Aquilonian Sets

Zoara of the Marshes (Relic Hunters)

Derketo Dancer and Stygian Noble, Flawless/E.Flawless Relic Hunter, Stygian Raider, Stygian Soldier sets

Arcen Brokenfingers(Relic Hunters) or Ternis Burnbritches(other)

Flawless/E.Flawless Shemite

Llarn Steeltoe (Dogs of the Desert)

Flawless/E.Flawless Hyena-Fur and Kambujan Shaman sets.

Njoror Battleborn (Heirs of the North)

Flawless Hardened Steel Shield
Flawless/E.Flawless Vanir Settler/Fur/Heavy sets

Irniz of the Furnace (Black Hand)

Black Hand Vest and Trousers
Zamorian Dancer
Flawless/E.Flawless Zamorian Thief

Orqina Steeltongue (Exiles)

Flawless/E.Flawless Hyrkanian Raider

Werk of the Lost Tribe (Forgotten Tribe) or Zavek (Exiles)

E.Flawless Cimmerian Fur/Steel sets

B’naru Heavyhands (Darfari Cannibals)

Darfari Speaker Mask
Flawless/E.Flawless Darfari Skin set
Flawless Steel Heater

4 Smiths vs 11 Armorers, definitely needs more diversity in smith knowledge.

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Beri can craft Legendary weapon repair kit like a purge blacksmpith. From the CEwiki she can spawn in a Purge, so that make her a Purge Blacksmith even if there’s a higher probability to spawn at her sual spawn points.

Not at all. Only “Purge only” blackmisth can do it. The fact some “normal” t4 thralls can spawn now during a purge event do not grant them purge-only knowledge.

If your suggestion is to add new faction/race-related weapons and add their knowledge to blacksmiths based upon their race/faction than count me in. :+1:

But if you’re suggesting already existing thralls lose their knowledge I’m not.:-1:

In theory if you want you can capture them all to craft all armor types, but you just need only the ones ables to craft the armors you use (let me say: 2 of them, one for cold and one for heat, I’m the first using 4-5 armors in the game based upon situations, but I’ve been one year on the same server and 2-3 of them are just… well not really needed).

BS do not work this way because until lvl 60 and even after that point (until you find best weapons/recipes for weapons you want to use) you need best BS you can have related to the weapons you’re currently using (if you want to be equipped with best gear based upon your feats).

While this time you cannot need to switch between 11 different BS just to have best gears you can craft at the moment :sweat_smile:

I know you can, but you’re not forced to do it with armorers. Why having to be forced (to have always best equip you can craft) with BS ?

Faction armor restrictions used to make sense before DLC’s became a thing. Now that DLC’s are a thing (and there are a lot of them), it no longer makes sense. At this point all blacksmiths (and armorers) should just be able to make everything in the list. This will also help keep the high demand areas from being the only source for certain Thralls, letting smaller clans or solo players hunt for desired Thralls elsewhere.

I think @Aria_of_Sorrow has an excellent idea though to help make them at least somewhat unique. The ability to turn cultural based weapons into a higher level variants. A++ for that suggestion. That way you can go for the cultural look you want while having high level gear. If it doesn’t make it into the game, I definitely added it as an idea for future mod projects.

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Maybe you should attempt to read just slightly better.

Im fine with racial benefits. A Stygian Smith should be able to make a Stygian pike or kopesh etc. But I’m happy with smiths as they are making things. And I only like to have one Smith.

Talitha Goldfingersm is my girl

Indeed! After that, we just need to be able to pick any combination of Armor, Attribute and Temperature, and we’re golden :wink: I know, I know, probably not going to happen, but still. A guy can dream.

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Yeah, I only bought the DLC for the armors and some deco stuff… But IMHO the look better, compared to other warm/cold armor and were much easier to craft. No need for special armorer (and I have ~6 T4 armorers and 3-4 different ones).

Funcom should add recipes for the epic and flawless armors for all factions, so that the armorer can craft it, as soon as you can. The DLC kinda destroyed Funcoms “logic”.

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