Flawless armor crafting suggestions

I have enjoyed the game (only SP so far) and not sure if this has been suggested but right now only certain named Armorers can craft certain flawless armors so seems like they have more importance than blacksmiths and smelters. It’d be nice to bump up each named thralls’ spawn rate but require flawless armors to be crafted by requiring things that can only be made by certain named thralls. For example, to make flawless heavy vanir you need say a special hardened leather only Jon the tinkerer (smelter) can make combined with certain steel (say pins) only Beri (blacksmith) and of course certain armorers. It’s such a grind to find just 1 named armorer and there’s really no incentive to find other named smelters and blacksmiths (to the extent named Alchemist). I believe by spreading requirements for flawless armors to different professions but bumped the chance of getting each named thralls would be more fun and more balanced for the game.

That is a great idea, rarer materials would be great.
Lately I found a named leatherworker and was “oh great the least usefull crafter”.
This could include even stuff like black ice blocks only being produced by a specific blacksmith at the forge, star metal requiring a smelter or any cimerian smelter, etc.

id want to not have to have learned a particular armor if the thrall is an expert at it 8/

Yeah, I aways thought Conan Exile woukd benefit much from a system without levels.

For normal recipes like iron ingot, iron sword, steel ingot, etc you could unlock the next tier by creating a certain quantity of the former: to unlock steel ingot craft 1000 iron ingot. To unlock iron tools smelt 100 iron ingots, etc.

Some games are finally having the courage to ditch character leveling systems and use only gear levels (destiny 2). We can hope in 2020 Conan Exiles might get a no levels revamp of crafting.

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