Flawless DLC armors only craftable by armorer that can craft the non-dlc verison with the same stats

Since a while back getting a DLC pack has both been for the style and to easily get the type of armor you want flawless.

This makes it harder for anyone that does not own “The savage frontier pack” and wants a flawless heavy armor that gives +9 str, as the thrall Grrr legbiter is a pain to find.

My suggestion is to only allow armorer thralls to craft the flawless DLC armorers that have the same stats as their background. As in:
Grrr Legbiter is the only armorer that can craft flawless Pictish Warcheif / Guardian
Werk of the lost tribe/Zavek are the only one that can craft Flawless Yamatai Warlord / Aquilonian Infantry / Argossean Phalanx
All T4 armorers can craft Flawless Kithan Imperial as it is +9 encumbrance.

This would balance the game more in that you do not have to own a lot of the DLC’s to get the same advantage as a larger clan that does have most of them. Another plus is that people would buy the DLC they want from style instead of gaming advantage.

I do own a lot of the DLC’s and this is kind of shooting myself in the foot but I do belive the game would be more fun if you had to farm for a specific thrall to get the armor you want. Now most people just look for the first best one and use it to craft any flawless stat armor they want.


ps: what is up with the black yeti having 0 dmg?

I agree. And I own all the DLC’s and play PVP official. But if it were"fixed" this way i would not complain. But i feel it may be more of a coding issue. Each thrall that had the DLC’s tied to them specifically would have to check if you owned them, thus instead of `1 code that unlocks them as craft able when you buy them, there would have to be separated .db codes to instance against each thrall when you bought the DLC. May make them “pirateable” so to speak.

side note, i feel it would also improve the game if more recipes were tied to special thralls, esp. PVE wise. right now, only the armorer really makes a difference (outside of the DLC’s).
Blacksmiths only the purge is worth it, as legendaries have blown past craft-ables because of the ease of boss killing.
cooks-- Food is dictated by just finding the recipes for the meta’s.
Carpenter, again, bows and arrows are more about legendary, healing, poison, and bat cave recipes.
Alchemists, witch doctor is easily obtainable,for black white dye and all others Alchies are the exact same.
Tanners, smelters, and taskmasters are only about speed, not recipes.

Good point…but the DLC’s are non cultural, so none should craft it Flawless based on that logic.

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While we are it…Dafari never drop steel, so the Dafari Black smiths should not reduce steel reinforcements cost to 1x, or make anything above iron tools/weapons with reduced cost, as they do not have the cultural exposure to be better at it.

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The bossonians r counted in the aquilonian faction…

Hanar of Bosonia, other than that you’re right about non DLC faction/race NPCs. It should be possible for the necessary NPCs to be added, there have been other NPC additions made since release.

Honestly, I disagree. Not with the problem, but with the solution. I think Conan Exiles has way too much of the slot-machine game mechanics already. I would be okay with getting rid of cultural armor (and weapon) requirements. I would also be okay with adding cultural requirements to DLC content while at the same time changing the way those thralls are obtained (e.g. make them some kind of a quest or a dungeon). But adding cultural requirements to DLC content and keeping the same “pray to RNGeezus” mechanics is a hard pass for me.

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I agree with u.
Dafari needs never steel.
Dafari is leather, stone, bones and fur. :blush::v:t4:

My fav blacksmith is Vankel the Bringer of Suffering.
She makes me really happy, she can make the legendary weapon repairkit.:slight_smile:

It’s been stated before so apologies re-re-restating it. DLCs are cosmetic. Based on many fan requests way back, Fincom brought in some more unique named thralls to make it more interesting.
Funcom stated at the very beginning of DLCs that they would always be cosmetic and would never give undue advantage over non-DLC players. The added named thralls could be a grey zone, but since those named thralls still work fine with non-DLC I personally think that there’s no extra advantage and am pleased they were added. All of this adds to the overall game flavour.
PS: If I wanted to sell additional stuff for a car for example, I would make sure it did not mess with how the car ran and that it looked awesome and shiney so that people would buy it - though I suspect the great Funcom Art Design DLC builders would view a flawless Argossean breastplate as similar to a pair of tasteful dice hanging from a mirror or a tasteful set of steer horns on a bumper, but you get the picture :stuck_out_tongue:

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I only use the armor of the Redeemed Legion and that of the Champion.

I find all the others unnecessary.
But that’s just my personal point of view.

When I clean the volcano, I use only that of the Godbreaker (cooled).

And in the strong ice area the normal one of the Godbreaker.

What bothers me more about the heavy armor, some of which have precision attributes. Which I find unnecessary with heavy armor because you go into absolute melee combat with heavy armor.

And sorry if I mess things up here, I still have a little hangover.

The extra advantages to DLC weapons and armours are:

  1. reduced feat cost to learn the recipes.
  2. no need for specific thralls to make the epic versions
    They’re not massive advantages but they are still advantages. Not that I want those advantages removed, I actually like them but I can’t deny that they exist.

You have to have an named armorer

But not a specific named armorer, for example I once spent hours looking for Liarn Steeltoe to make epic hyena armour, and on another occasion died multiple times getting a T4 cimerian armourer to make the epic cimerian heavy armour. With the DLC armours/weapons any old T4 will do which makes it easier.

I agree. I own all the DLC’s. The epic flawless should follow some sort of rules per say. Tie them to the different armorers in the game based on temps or something.
I think Funcom wanted to make sure those that purchased the DLC’s would not feel cheated if they couldn’t craft the Flawless. But in reality, Flawless should be earned for anything in the game.

As for the free feat points, that is not huge, as one can eat FoP and get all the armors relatively quickly.

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