Armorer's Bench menu icons need update

Greetings and salutations, a videos that go into discussion nearly 1500 hours of playtime along with some recommendations that are really meant to be listened to as a podcast and not visually some of these constructs are discussed.

Your suggestion has been suggested several times.
And I, like many others in this forum, believe that the icons can stay as they are.

What I recommend is to put a T4 Thrall in there to make the armor of the different nations.
These are namely better than the DLC garbage.

And I don’t mean that bad, but what about the game time?
I have 7000+, another one on Steam has 14k hours.
It is best to leave out the playing time and simply describe the problem.

you didn’t watch the Video your replay has no validity. and yes I did make a Video on this 2 years ago…

I don’t even watch the videos.
It is also sufficient to fully describe the problem or suggestion.

I don’t watch the videos because I don’t push clicks for others.

lol, ok I use youtube to show the problem, and if you had watched the video you might agreed with me, but anyway thanks for the replay

Using videos is fine as supplementary / visualization, but they’re not enough to serve as a basis for discussion.

I’m certainly not going to sit through a 15-minute video to try and determine what you’re suggesting.

Either put it in written form or most people will probably see it as a thinly-veiled attempt to get views.

Obviously that’s IMO and you’re free to do as you wish. Normally wouldn’t bother to bump but it’s already at the top of the list.

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I don’t care about Views. l. Just want the problems fixed and Conan has some Big Issues with not Testing before going live… But I can see that some of my Big Issues have been Fixed are added from my Wish-List Video playlist…

I can tell I have Upset some foke’s, because I have lost 2 Subes out of my 254 subs lol, Like a sed before I done care about Views and I don’t care If funcom Hates me. I want them to Fix my favorite game of all time. and I have listed ever issue I have had with the game and broken it down barney style with all most 600 videos.

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