Armors for pets

Equipement for pets would be a very much apreciated feature.

heavy steel plate/ leather harness so our pets can get take more hits instead of having an insanely huge health pool like the greater versions have, which is regenerating pretty slow.
And while you’re at it, in case you decide work on that, why not adding “weapons” tools for pets as well, like starmetal/ iron claws or even reinforced horns with good metal too.
Thought i would just throw it here…

Ah, 1 last thing please, REMOVE the fall damage for pets and thralls.

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I’m all for armor on pets, spent like 3 days gathering all sorts of pets bears, sabretooths, tigers, panthers, spiders, crocodiles, etc. Only for another player on PVE server to run through (he was being chased by croc boss). All my pets died.

hehe i managed to get a few Shaleback Hatchlings, and a small Hyena cub, but just need 1 more feat point to be able to learn the Animal Tamer feat :slight_smile:

with armour though, it could be cool, but probably only if the armour is able to fall off and be re-used, as i think a tamed animal only lives for 7 days?

7 days if not fed.

…and a similar time if used in the pen producing resources (even if fed). That’s a bug though, but it’s definitely there.

7days2die (you see, those zombies keep appearing lol) :slight_smile:

yeah, some might even die the first day you tame them while being fed in the pen, seems to be random to me. their timer is always extemely high when i put them in, but 95% of the time the taming process succeeds and there is no carcass to be found.

Yeah I believe that’s a separate but probably at least loosely related bug.

That seems to just about match my experience as well (one death in twenty). I suppose it’s acceptable if that’s intentional, but I doubt that it is.

we could suppose some might die in this difficult process, but as you, i doubt it’s intentional. Let’s say it is though…

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