Arrow Quiver item addition/replacement

The current system for crafting arrows is a bit tedious if you intend to use archery as your main form of combat; and it’s annoying even as a backup weapon.

I’d like to propose that everything except specialty ammunition (which is very powerful and needs to be difficult to use en masse) be replaced with a “Quiver” item.

I emphasize replacing normal arrow crafting to keep crafting tables smaller, and this would likely be the preferred thing to craft vice single arrow stacks.

It would have some cost, possibly more than the current cost of creating a bushel of 10 arrows, and would have a durability and a fixed, easier to manage weight. Each shot would take down some of the item’s durability, and higher tiered quivers would have more base durability than lower tiers. It would also be upgradeable, allowing us to increase the durability (shots until depleted) or damage/armor pen to suit our needs and provide a much needed damage buff to arrows. (Though still probably not enough given how heavy some melee weapons can hit)

I think this was suggested once before but it was something of an after thought on a list, not a full fleshed out description. Let me know what you guys think! I’m hoping this wouldn’t be something too difficult to implement.

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