Artisan tables only craft waterskins and dice

Playing locally on Ps5 and my Artisan benches only have the option to craft two types of waterskins and dice.
I’ve placed different T4 Thralls.
The recipes for whatever I should want to make are unlocked.

You might try restarting the game. I just checked 2 benches on private server and they are working properly one with thrall and with out.

Thank you, that helped. I was in Creative Mode and didn’t realize it affected those benches that way.

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Good to hear I am down loading new patch now Good luck to us all.

:rofl: I quit playing after Update 1.40. I remember this update because I was playing just fine on my Ps4…no issues for me whatsoever. Then 1.40 came and so to did all the crashing. Someone was trying to help but couldn’t. So I said screw it. Just started playing again last week.

Thanks again for your advice. Good luck.

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