No recipes in craft benches

All recipes dissapeared from craft benches, and minimal “hamdcrafting” options too
I’ve pressed L3 and R3 to cycle through the options, but that made no difference
zero recipes available
Bug? Am I doing something wrong

I’m level 43, and suddenly that’s all I can handcraft now
(single player)

Also my thralls are wearing clothes, even though they don’t have any equiped nor do thwy have clothes in their inventory

Nvm, I drank a yellow lotus potion, didn’t know it gets rid of feats

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But that doesn’t explain thrall clothes :thinking:

The clothes thing is an old bug that happens occasionally. The only way to fix it is to completely log out or put clothes in their slots and remove them again.

since the potion is bugged check ur feats… u may have lost some recipes…

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