Ascension points in New Dawn?

I could use some help, lol. I keep going back to New Dawn and getting those ‘ascension points’… but I can’t for the life of me figure out what to do with them (or how to check how many I have either).

If there was a tutorial… I must have missed it.


You need to gain Ascension points to rise in rank in the Morninglight. There is an achievement (in Regional\South Africa\New Dawn) called True Believer, which requires you to grind 1k Ascension points.

That’s pretty much it for their use, though the missions also reward you with Dawn’s Favour tokens, which you can use to buy stuff in SA.

There are little control boxes around the map that will tell you. after activating them point total will appear in top centre of screen.

But how do you spend them? Is it just to be able to open the gate?

You don’t spend them. They are for fun, basically. And in-story - for opening gates.

It’s more of a representation of your standing in the Morninglight. Effectively you need 1k points to buy Ascended rank.

On that note there are Dawns Favour a separate currency you can use to buy cosmetics and such in SA.

I would have to go in game to find out where it is exactly, but as there is an achievement for it, if you go to the achievement in the achievement window (probably under Regional?) it will tell you how many points you have as well.

Fun… you have a strange, weird, delusional definition of fun.

Uhhhhh… how so?

I’m sure you would love this reputation system if it was carrots instead of corns we had to pick up :yum:

It was explained in the questline. Che tells you to get to the Ascended rank, which he says will take a while. You then find a way to use someone else’s points to get to the next tier, bypassing the effort and surprising Che. You can carry on earning your own Ascension points for the achievement to get there legitimately, for which you get rewarded with a different jump suit.

Ascension points are basically why I dread that somehow, the Congo will be about grinding corn…


nope, it’s all about collecting ape poo there.

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Well, that would be one way to make everyone go ape-:poop: about the expansion…