Dailies after finishing story

I came back to the game after around 6 months break. Finished the story and done the first two faction missions. I’m missing IP for the third one (currently at 385).
Now the main missions dailies are done naturally between dungeons, scenarios and NYR. But what to do about the side missions? Kaidan for the keys? South Africa for those faction points? Or something else entirely? Maybe there are side missions which give agents somewhere? Or it all doesn’t matter and I should just go and mop sides in KM?


It really depends on what you’re after. If you need/want the True Believer achievement, I’d recommend doing New Dawn sides. If you need MoF, do Kaidan sides and sell the keys, the take roughly the same amount of time. If you just want to get the daily challenge over with, pick anything on Solomon Island.

Or, if you’re going for the bonus challenges, pick some easy Kaidan mains because those usually come with a side that you can complete at the same time.

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Currently I just want to raise my IP to 450(?) in order to do the last faction mission.
I’m not an achievement collector so I don’t need it unless it gives something.

In that case you should ask yourself if the distillates you can get from Kaidan containers or the New Dawn vendor are worth your while. If they’re not, just go for sides that you can complete quickly.

Oh I didn’t know you could get distillates in new dawn.
Kaidan was worth it pre-nerf, now its kinda meh.
Guess New Dawn it is!


Also smashing out a lair raid can take care of 3 sidies + lair keys too. Typically quick and fun.

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IMO, Kaidan is still the way to go. There are way more sidemissions, the xp is better than ND and unlike destillates bought with Dawn’s Favor, the Kaidan container destillates come as a neat bundle with the shards to pay for the empowerment.

It depends: Patron: The most efficent is tokyo. Tokyo still is crazy good even with the nerf toward keys. Like the base xp is roflstomping it and you still get some keys from it and as patron you can run it multiple times daily.

As f2p you have to cycle maps: I had one day tokyo, one day CF, one day SF…which was before SA. Now I probably would change CF or SF to SA for points…maybe…already have the 1k sa points for the achievement.

There is also the option to do more action/sabo missions in the hope for agents. But they are rare so it has a low profit per time spend.

Generally sides have the good point about being so fast that you can do them in a bulk.

I’m not a patron and I’m not looking to sweep the whole sides in the map everyday.
Just to run the 3 dailies.

Kaidan usually will gives me no keys, sometimes 1. But New Dawn gives currency for every mission.
@Svella Do I miss something or I’m just unlucky?

Nope, using a filth encrusted key to produce either an actual key or 750 shards is indeed just random (since the nerf) and only the side missions you pick up from items - not the “kill 10 rats” ones - will give you filth encrusted keys.
My usual Kaidan round - which uses some teleporting and is therefore not that nice for non-patrons - takes about an hour and gives me 24 filth encrusted keys plus 5 main missions.
Alternatively, in about the same time I can run all New Dawn missions (7 main, 14 side) for only half the bags plus ? Dawn’s Favor (I forgot the exact number).

I believe the average number of xp gained from that amount of potential keys compared to the guaranteed ones will even out given enough time, but running Kaidan will produce way more shards, xp and green fodder from the bags.

So for patrons who clear a zone every day Kaidan is the way to go.
But for a causal like me doing a couple of sides in New Dawn would be a better idea than a couple of sides in Kaidan. :slight_smile: