Aspect of the Demon helmet disappeared

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe - #7002
Hardware: Xbox Series X

Bug Description:

Logged onto the server tonight and the Aspect of the Demon helmet created yesterday is completely gone. It’s not in the event log, tried restarting the server and game, tried unloading everything into a workbench but nothing. Removing the bracelet with no inventory and it didn’t drop as a loot bag.

Expected Behavior:

To retain the helmet on my character.

Steps to Reproduce:


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Welcome to the forum!

Are you playing as part of a clan, or are you solo?
Was it only the helmet that disappeared? Also was it equipped, or stored in a chest?

Hi LordKAA,

Thanks for the warm welcome! I’m in a clan of 2, it was equipped on my character. Everything else was retained just the helmet disappeared.

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I was wondering if a clan mate had picked it up from a bench/chest… but if you had it equipped I don’t think it’s possible for your clan mates to “borrow” it in PvE. I might be wrong though as I am not very familiar with PvE.
I don’t want to unnecessarily raise any suspicion, but I have never heard of a single item disappearing like this.
Could you check your event log, and select friendly inventory access, it should show the time that you picked the helmet up after crafting.

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Yeah it just shows that we picked it up from the bench at 20.20.02 yesterday. There’s nothing in the log about it being destroyed or dropped. PvE stops anyone from accessing other people’s inventory so they couldn’t borrow it for a thrall fashion show. Never had this happen before so thought best to raise it in case other things start to disappear for other people.

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The only suggestion I could make is to check your event log (again), and see which other chests/benches you accessed during that time to see if you accidentally stored it somewhere.
But I haven’t ever seen this happen before either. Hopefully it shows up somewhere.

He visto en ocasiones desaparecer cosas y suele aparecer en el cofre del amigo del clan jaja