Missing Nightstalker's Mask

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region:1726 USA
Mods?: No Mods
Edition: Steam

Bug Description: Nightstalker’s Mask missing from inventory after restart.

Logged out just before the morning restart and when I returned a few minutes after the server was up my Nightstalker’s mask is no longer in my inventory. I was not at base when I logged out and back in so it is not in a box, and I did even check those when I got back to base just in case. This is not the first time this exact bug has happened to me. I used Zendesk to report the bug and they sent me here. It is very annoying that items can just go missing like this and we are left with farming a new NS Mask and no way to report this issue or to be given our lost item back.

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Someone had a similar issue with a different helmet a couple of weeks ago… it was on Xbox though;

I assume you checked the event logs?

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Edit for correction: This time it was in the event log as decayed at roughly the sametime as the restart but that still does not explain how it was dropped as I had logged off away from base and did not open my inventory until I got to base and accessed a chest. It is just very odd as that is one of my favorite and most important items.

This has happened before with the exact same item just on a different server. The Mask is in my personal inventory when I log out as I carry it to be able to see better at night, then when I log back in the Mask is gone from my inventory. It is not in a chest/box/vault anywhere (I have looked), no mention of it in my event logs, it is just simply gone.
This may have even happened with other items that I have not noticed as their importance was not as high as my mask is.

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Sorry you lost your mask, I was hoping you put it in a chest or something.

In terms of how it got there, I would probably wager on a mis-click. I can’t count the amount of times it’s happened to me…

If you don’t like the idea of farming UC for another mask, I would suggest using either the Night-Eye potion, which can be obtained from the Bower of Jhebbal Sag. Or the Argossean Dream Dust, which drops from the black hand NPCs at Buccaneer Bay. Both offer the Night-eye buff.

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Thank you.

But I was not in my inventory until well after the restart so I am not sure how it happened, guess I go farming for another one.

Thank you for the suggestions also but I dislike the potions because I can not turn off the effect when daylight arrives and end up not being able to see. I did not know that the Dream Dust had that effect, so thank you for some new knowledge.

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