Assassin - Atrophy & raid bosses

Back before all the expansions, all I ever heard was that Atrophy doesn’t work on raid bosses.

Currently, my guild regularly does T4-6 raids, and every now & then someone mentions that a Sin should use Atrophy on a boss. These aren’t new/inexperienced players, but info on Atrophy is not exactly abundant or easy to find. I have yet to find anything about Atrophy working on any raid boss.

So, if anyone knows, does it now work on the T4+ bosses, or only select ones, or is it still true that it doesn’t work on any raid boss?

It’s useful in T6

For all T6 bosses, or just certain ones?

It works in T5 and T6, all bosses.

Ok, thanks.

ther is some cheaky t6 boss it doesnt work for, but I dont think anyone wants to use it there anyway :smiley:

Yeah, doesnt work on Stone Coat, but all the others it does.

Ok, thanks for the added info.