T3 Guides, Tactics, Etc?

Figured Support was the best place to ask…
I can find guides for 1,2,4-6 but nothing for 3.
So, is there a guide out there? I’m interested in learning the raid.
If there isn’t a guide what are the tactics, requirements etc. for Upper/Lower T3?

EDIT: Check the link Kantakwa posted, the guides there are explaining everything into the smallest details.

T3 lower:

Trash mobs:
There are 3 types of trash mobs in T3 lower (I don’t know the english names), a healer (with shield and mace), one with a polearm, a dual wield mob and a mage mob (the red demons).
The healers need to be stunned as they can fear a player for 12 seconds or so and heal the other enemies.
The polearm enemy does a nasty DoT infront of him that lasts a very long time and does lots of damage.
The dual wield enemy switches aggro randomly and also gains a huge damage buff once his “partner” is killed.
The demon enemies need to be stunned all the time as they leech life with their attacks and can deal lots of AoE damage and heal themself up with it from 1% to 100% with just once spell.

The three brothers: Fire damage, holy damage, melee damage.
All three bosses need to be kept away from each other, if they get too close they will get damage buffs.
At the beginning of the fight there are only two bosses present, Kharon (fire damage spells) and Daimone (only melee damage).

Kharon is a simple spell casting boss who does a fire damage main attack, a stacking fire DoT attack (tanks should switch aggro once this DoT is stacked up to 3 or 4) and a fire AoE that get’s placed where the player with the second highest aggro is standing (so this player should run away from the boss to not block the space there).

Daimone is a pure melee damage boss, he got a polearm and therefore a rather long reach. Every now and then he will do an instant cone kick infront of him which will reset the aggro, so a tank should infront and behind him in order to keep him in place.

Ixion (doing mainly melee damage and some holy damage) will spawn once one of the bosses hits 50% health, a tank should be ready to grab his aggro and run away from him. He will sometimes heal the other bosses up with a spell, so you should focus on this boss to bring his health down.

If the percentage of the bosses is uneven, they will gain minor damage buffs and some additional stuff going on, Daimone for example will start to root people he attacks.
Some raids focus Ixion and nuke him down once he spawns, some raids try to bring down all at the same time, it depends on the damage and overall gear of the raid I would say, focus on what the raid leader says.

Hathor Ka: Unholy / Cold magic damage.
Once the fight starts she will summon one add (huge zombie, can’t be killed) that needs to be either kited by someone (mostly done by necros) or you let her “eat” the add, letting her gain one damage multiplier stack.
For every player that dies there will be another add so you need to avoid dying during this fight in order to keep the add count low.
Hathor Ka will randomly teleport around the room in 5 different spots, so you should have tanks standing there in order to instantly grab aggro as the teleporting resets aggro (which might result in her attacking a squishy due to DoTs running on her).
Another important cast is “Miasma” (green smoking circle around the feet of the player), it will be randomly placed on some players, these players will get a DoT that can spread to other players once it runs out so you need to run away from other players if you got miasma on you in order to prevent spreading it into the raid.

Arbanus: Melee damage, slight cone AoE.
This boss does lots of melee damage infront of him so it is necessary to stand behind him as a DPS class, tanks should switch aggro and try to move away from the cone AoE in order to heal up.

Most important cast here is “Blood Draw”, the targeted player needs to run away as far as possible during this cast because once it ends it will damage this player and heal up the boss, if this player stands too close to others it will spread (similar to miasma) to other people in the raid, easily being able to heal the boss from 5% to 100% in just 3 seconds.

Blood Ritual is a cast that sometimes appears and gives Arbanus a life leech buff, in order to prevent this a HoX with the Thundering Flames feat or a ToS with the Thundering Voice feat needs to interrupt this spell.

Unholy word is another spell he does, it places a huge circle in the room that “explodes” and does fire damage as well as removing some mana from the player.

There is one more thing that people need to keep an eye on, at 50% there will be a debuff on a random player that makes the heals do damage to other players, it will stack up and start to damage the player as well. In order to remove this you need to run into one of the four corners of the room where a totem stands, the one that is glowing is clickable which removes the buff.

Master Gyas: Melee damage
This boss has two phases, one being as an assassin and one being as some kind of a demon.
He will do a spell called “Impel” which places a DoT on the 3 farthest player from the boss, this DoT can stack up so after it hit x2 or x3 you should switch these players which means you will need 6 players to catch the Impel DoT. It is important that players don’t stand between the boss and the impel group as it will place a DoT on them as well (unnecessary damage).

Once he hits 50% he will transform into a demon, now he will do a AoE spinning attack that deals lots of damage.
Every now and then he will run to one of the weapon racks and kill a random player instantly (finishing move), it is necessary to not stand between this player and the boss as this can kill this player as well.
The Impel DoT still happens during this phase so the groups need to adjust their position as the boss is moving around a lot.

This is just a rough explanation, I don’t have a lot of time right now to go more into detail, sorry.


Poison (mitigated by armor), not unholy :wink:

Yes, miasma is doing poison damage, but are you sure she only does cold damage? I thought she got 2 main spells that she cycles between, one being cold damage (called something like “shards of ice”) and one being unholy damage (pestilential blast).

Pestilential blast is physical damage, mitigated by armor. Because of that her tanks need both, armor and some protection. I prefer armor over protection if I tank in miasma/pestilencial phase, because a tank tends to tank the whole phase anyway (and the 0815 tactic has about 3 tanks on her at that time). Tanks who catch her when she ports can go heavier on prot, because then she is casting ice.

Also, here are some raid tactics/mechanics in english (I have not read them all and do not exactyl know if they are completely correct, but they will give you an idea of the fights anyway)

That’s interesting, I didn’t know that it did physical damage. Probably a bug by Funcom though, can’t really see a reason why the spell should do melee damage in this instance while it does not do melee damage in any other situation outside of T3.

I don’t think it is a bug, although you are of course right about the cast itself.
I think the intention was to create Hathor-Ka as a necromancer, but at the same time keep the second boss of T3 doable in ~T2 gear. It was not easy at that time to get so much protection without loosing other key stats.
Thinking about it I am pretty sure that Kharon does physical damage with his normal attacks, too. The magic damage only comes from the dot.

Ah yes that could really be the intention behind it, looking at it from a point where the raid was new, guess I am too spoiled from all the overpowered gear nowdays lol

Even though I have been hundreds of times to T3, isn’t Daimone the “guard boss” and Kharon the “Demo boss”? I am really unsure right now. But considering the fire damage being physical damage at the three brothers could be true as well though it would be incredible confusing.

EDIT: I checked a video, Daimone is the polearm guy, Kharon the mage.

Kharon does only fire damages.
About Hator Ka, her damage types where changed when they nerfed all the t3 and t4 raid a few years ago.