RF for t3: please consider reducing hit points on the adds

The wing3 encounter is a lot more fun when you can burn down the trash. Can you please consider reducing the hit points on t3 trash a bit? They aren’t much easier than the regular t3 adds, not like the t2 or t4 adds we have now.

Would speed things up a lot. Especially with the mages

Oh, and that demonic lancer…I think its on the same settings as the real t3 too. Takes longer to kill than anything else in there short of the bosses (might be easier to kill keeper matter of fact)

Thank you

and, yes, its another nerf…but why not?

Seriously? the trash in w3 is so weak right now i forget its actually a raid and tank as a bear shaman…

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Tier 3, not wing 3…

Haven’t found the adds to be much of a problem. There aren’t really all that many.

Not many, just annoying