Assassin for Beginners

Hail, Hyborians!
I was curious what the best PvE assassin set-up might be; aka where to spend the majority of Feat points, levels 10-50? I am nervous expending a ton of points in corruption, as I’m unfamiliar with cancer build-up. Anyone’s filled out feat tree would be greatly appreciated!

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Yeah I’d say go Corruption for leveling. Getting Athropy and Soul Strike is a great start. Athropy speaks for itself, but Soul Strike is great with Slow Death Strike since you get a nice stun if you combine those two. Assassin isn’t the best solo class afterall. You kinda have to nuke the mobs before they nuke you. For the lvl 70 ability just aim for Avatar of Death. To be honest I don’t really go that specifically into it anymore when I make specs for leveling. Just get the most important stuff and I am sure you will do fine.

If you want to make it a abit hybrid Cat’s Paw is fine, Snap Kick, Opportunistic Strike, Lotus Tainted Blood for fighting caster mobs etc…


Old, but I used it only 3 months ago and still worked fine as a guide for me.


Assassin Leveling & Unconquered

This require maintenance, and an occasional re-spec :grimacing:

The first important Ability in the Assassin feat tree is Miasma: Soul Strike, found in Corruption, and requires 11 points

  1. Fill Lotus Blades + Corrupted Blades = 10 points

  2. Time to Re-Spec at 11 points for Ability - Miasma: Soul Strike

The key to an assassin’s big dps are 'Miasma rotations". The first an assassin can use are Grim Corruption and/or Slow Death Strikes + Face Stab to get a bonus +100% damage (single) and +200% damage (both).

Utility Rotations

  • Combo - Slow Death Strikes + Ability - Miasma: Soul Strike ( = Stun)
  • Combo - Grim Corruption + Ability - Miasma: Lotus Coated Dart ( = Silence)

Reverse Rotations = Major Damage

  • Combo - Slow Death Strikes + Ability - Miasma: Lotus Coated Dart (poison dot)
  • Combo - Grim Corruption + Ability - Miasma: Soul Strike (The Bomb!)

*Note: Either can be reached with 11 points

Screenshot Level 23 Unconquered
After you get Ability - Miasma: Soul Strike … re-fill Lotus Blades

Continue in Lotus tree to reach Ability - Miasma: Lotus Coated Dart, or experiment in corruption with Atrophy

When you reach 22 points you’ll have both Abilities in your arsenal and the next to explore should include Cat’s Paw and/or Atrophy, which is especially important for Unconquered

Thank you all, fellow Hyborian slayers!!
A lot to work on…at lvl 19 I was conquered by an in-game bug :frowning: but the fight will go on!

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Assassin probably not the best class for unconquered. Way too squishy

if you have latency above 100 dont play sin. Really.

:skull_and_crossbones: Cimmerian Assassin :skull_and_crossbones:

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After reading your post, I couldn’t disagree until it was put to the test. This is a ‘natural’ Unconquered Assassin without power-leveling, groups, or assistance from guilds or players. Thank you for motivating me to complete this challenge.

  • Tortage

  • Conall’s Valley

  • Field of the Dead

  • Eiglophian Mountains

  • Thunder River

  • Atzel’s Approach

  • Keshetta

  • Common District

  • Destiny Quests Completed


i`m still curious how ppl find lvling on PvE server challenging.
I remember back in the days fighting for mobs in conalls valley because it was PvP server - that was challenging :smiley:

Leveling itself is not challenging at all, but to level up without any death is not trivial, especially on a sin.

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Yeah agree, leveling itself is not hard, and I don’t think people think it is either. And, playing with some intelligence you won’t die on sin either to mobs or anything. I haven’t tried unconquerored myself, but I do believe I would be way more scared of dying from falling from a cliff from not being careful enough, or some random disconnect :smiley:


I dont think its about calling it easy or hard, you can easily do it with any class, what differs is the pase the class allow you to play at. It would be interesting if there was a leaderboard that tracked the playtime it took for people to reach 80, and have a requirement that a percentage of the total xp to 80 was done trough questrewards to disqualify people that xp grind.


Grats on leveling in a dead game. Enjoy RF

its not hard either if we are talking about PvE server(only some lag which is basically random can kill you if you have some brain), its not even hard to complete those low lvl dungeons without dying. idk what`s chalenging there

Yes, it’s not that hard to level with any of the 12 classes. Nonetheless, assassin would be the hardest class to level unconquered imo. There are many other classes that have it much easier leveling than others.