Assassin PVP build, questions

Hey guys,

I want to play my sin more often now and still looking for the right spec for me. I have a few question that might anyone know already before I test it myself:

1.) If I want to let my dots hurt hard, is it better to feat steeped lotus extract or baneful venom? (I was thinking to spec baneful venom and vile corruption). Does anyone know how much every point into baneful venom increases the dot-damage?
2.) Is soul corruption any good? How much does it increas your soul shard regeneration?
3.) Is one point in flesh rot and dark weapon good? How much damage does it and how high is the proc-chance?

Thanks in advance and see you ingame.

bread and butter build no other builds ever needed… unless u going for some “duel specs”

does assassins combos have +in dmg if u have dagger with +m dmg? Detonation or etc?

No but try spell penetration.