Assassin PvP and PvE builds

old thread better builds in comments

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that pve spec, is it the trade secret of how to do bad ?

That PvE spec… wow

PvE spec is completely wrong and of the worst I’ve ever seen. Should have 42 points in Lotus, and a bare minimum of 17 in Corruption, if general is desired. And a split of 47/32 if you’re just looking for max DPS without general.

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Some kind of build I’d expect from players out of the The Walking Dead. I’d like to see your parses from that random hash.

Your builds gave me so much cancer i had to make some to not instantly die.

Full dmg:
T6 prot stuff: (this is similar with the first spec but has some t5/t6 talents)

Cba to make more than a dww/gb/aod spec. The last 7 points you can put kinda where you want, usually you either go for EB or max the bomb.


I think youve cured my cancer with these, thanks.

Its been so long since ive played pve that i had forgotten/not realised that avatar even has lower wep dmg buffs than lotus

Edit: do you use lotus coated dart over face stabs? Or is it situational?

Always dart. unless it’s a trash mob that will die before it the dot runs out.

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Thanks guys. My mind was hellbendt on avatar that i didnt even check around. I had no idea lotus was viable, and i thought general would scale harder than the damage/wep dots now that we have higher tier weapons.

Anyhow, you guys blew my mind. Got lots of testing to do now!

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for t6 I much prefer this spec (t6 prot feats)

Lotus overload and max dull pain isn’t necessary, the only time they would be useful is one fight (zelandria’s rupture) and 1 point in dull pain - heck even zero points - is enough to let you survive with healers properly rotating bigs and AA heals. It might be useful popping it during cetriss puddles but it’s very easy to simply step in and out of the puddles and people at this point in the game shouldn’t be messing up a simple mechanic like that. Also 3/3 spirit of nightfall isn’t necessary in t6 unless you have really bad tanks, so that’s up to your guild’s skill level; one should be enough but really good tanks are a rarity these days so I sort of understand maxing it.

Taking three/four stacks on 1st boss with dull pain gives you more dps than 2-3 extra points in Dark Weapons/Flesh Rot anyways. Same with 2nd boss where you can eat alchemy stacks with Dull Pain. It is also very helpful on Ethram-Fal where you can eat Afflictions alone. The point is you’re sacrificing very little compared to what you can get out of it.

3 useless points in swift ending ,dark weapons and 1 point unholy str over 15% face stabs crits and atrophy for t6 ?.,1 point in nightfall ,its not only affecting hate mode,also cooldown .Max Dull pain allows you more dps than maxed flesh rot in t6 …And to top it all ,get 3 points in lotus tainted blood but not overload ?Nope.

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I like that you don’t run a DWW/GB spamming build. 99% of all sins playing these days spam these noob abilities all day long. Sadly though its probably the most effective for gathering kills.

Indeed, many noobs try to optimize their feat builds. Real pro’s cripple themselves and dont feat anything at all!


i like this honnesty :+1:


Lotus dart does more than face stabs and you can only fit 1 in between darts, useless 6 points to improve it when you get more overall dmg elsewhere. Max dull pain is only worth if ur tanks suck like I said b4, up to each person’s guild. Overload only procs from spell crits, iggy’s burning dot can’t crit and neither can the yothian I believe. Only would work for zelandria’s rupture but like I said before completely unnecessary.

Also you can take 2x stacks and just switch yothian, you can easily do 3-4 stacks anyways without dull pain before ~50% where they get a couple of enrage stacks. What do u mean eat alchemy on emerald levi? You don’t eat alchemy stacks, you position yourself to avoid lazer crosses and the boss is moved during alchemy anyway so you can’t just eat it you’d have to follow the boss anyway.

So you only facestab when you can buff it with a poison ?No unbuffed facestabs in rotation ?You use bomb on leviathan with that protection on boss instead of consuming gc poison with facestab ?Wow .Only reason to switch yothians is agro or balancing,amplifying one dot’s damage with the other and losing dps while moving is bad.And yes ofc you can eat alchemy on levi ,try eating up to 4-5 stacks ,wait…queue depends on your guild healers too !

But please let us know how much you parse on leviathan ,zelandra burn phase and ethram fal with that specc.

Ps: Overload proccs from friendly spell criticals on you like celestials ,big heals that crit etc .

Alchemy actually gives you a dmg buff as well for 12 sec or something which is nice if you can take it.

PVP spec:

You forgot Mountaineer.

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