Assassin t4 daggers

Which daggers are best (insurrection camp market)
both slots with offhand (dont remember the name of weapon with it) or 1 and 1? someone ingame suggested me both slot weapons with shly of the autumn night (that has no offhand)

I went with both times the main hand dagger (the one without offhand rating) because they simply have more DPS. I rather have 10 DPS (or even more I think?) more than 1% offhand rating.

Its it should be 2% offhand rating to be precise 36*2 =72. Dps wise the difference is (165+3 * 10)÷36 = about 5,5 dps. For offhand weapon base dps is not important but mostly stats on it. I would think 2% offhand is as least as good as additional 5 dps plus you live longer and can do more dps due to minus hate.

But the offhand dagger has only dexterity on it, the mainhand dagger got 165 additional combat rating on it and since offhand damage is calculated very weird, weapons with more combat rating get higher DPS (in the character stats window) than weapons with (only) strenght or dexterity. The Falchion of the blue east (crafted weapon) with 2 combat rating gems in your offhand gets almost as much DPS as the T6 offhand sword for example.

So the T4 offhand dagger might be better if you use the T5 rune for the offhand finesse procs but if not it doesn’t really matter in my opinion, 38 hate is not a lot, I am pretty sure in 99% of most cases it wont make the difference between life and death if you don’t use your anti hate feats the right way.

If you compare difference in dps from ingame stat sheet always make sure to close and open it after switching weapons . Otherwise its a visual bug. Regarding hate. Same hate minus than on main pieces so nothing in this game makes a huge difference but it Stacks up… tanks do a lot for 1-2% extra hate like switching t6 sword for t5 blunt so should rouges? and as a sin the huge %wep dps boots does not affect CR so 165 cr stay around 4,5 dps plain. Ofc we are not talking huge differences here but that was not the topic but which one is the optimum :wink:

Main Hand: Tier 4 - Shiv of the Autumn Night

Offhand: Tier 3.5 Erlik’s Knife of the Afterlife

*Without access to Savage Coast of Turan (Temple of Erilk), doubling Shiv of the Autumn Night is appropriate.

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The video leaves a very weak conclusion. Ofc " it matters, but how much is difficult". A broken bottle vs a real weapon is not the same as comparing 2 weapons in the range 80-85 which are both decently high. Still I agree to you the T3.5 is a very decent option as offhand. Is has higher base damage than the t4 offhand but minor weaker stats like hit, offhand and hate.

Reference Images:

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2 Shivs beat anything else at that tier iirc but i don’t think i ever really tested the elric “new” dagger back when it was added in the loot table .You could argue a crafted dagger as offhand as well but still 2 shivs used to play out better for the most part.About -hate you want anything above at least -12% when playing with equally geared tanks and assuming good/on point gameplay from both players.


For me, both have to look the same. Now with Vanity weapons it is much easier.