Assistance in Setting up a Dedicated Server

Through the process of trying to set up a server, I’m running into the issue of 9999 Ping and infinite loading screens to access the server. I’ve tried setup manually as well as using the dedicated server launcher for Conan. Both lead to the server showing up on the in game server list, however, with a ping of 9999 that won’t allow me to actually load into the server.

The forums won’t allow me to include links/images in my post, so to explain the best I can…
Server Name: AmazonHQ
Map: TheExiledLands
Mode: PVE-C
Region: America
Players: 0/40
Age: ???
Ping: 9999

No BattleEye, VAC enabled.

Ports 7777 and 27015 have both been forwarded through my router settings as well.

I know this has been asked/answered before, I just can’t for the life of me find a solution that works in this case. Any links to already discussed questions would be helpful as well. I appreciate your time.

There’s a discord that you can join where there are lots of people that have setup dedicated servers. It helped me immensely.