Problems creating the server

Running the port with the official software has a green light
But when entering the game and going to the server list, it shows
age??? ping9999
no one can get in
Where is the problem

The problem is game mate. The conan exiles dedicated server (if you can call it like that) is a spaghetti code where base game (without any mods) gets you around couple of hundred errors which I’m sure even developers don’t know what they means. Not to mention stability when you host more than 20 players, disappearing stuff, lags without any reason etc.

Make sure ALL the ports show the green light in the dedicated server launcher.
ALSO, make sure ports 27015 and 26016 are BOTH forwarded correctly for both TCP and UDP protocols. Both of them are required for Steam in-game server browsing.

Age 0 is a known bug when the game fails to create that SQL entry in the database and is DISASTRUOUS to keep arround when you have stuff like building and thrall decay turned on in the server settings. You can fix the Age 0/Age ?? bug by following this guide:

Also, as the host, you will NEVER be able to connect to your server using the in-game browser, if the server is running on the same PC or on a PC linked with you on the same network. It will ALWAYS show Age ?? and PING 9999 for you in that case. You will need to use direct connect and use the IP the server is hosted on. You cand find which IP the server is on using what is shown in the Dedicated Server Tool, under the “External IP” field. Copy that IP and add the port after it using Direct Connect inside the in-game server browser in this fashion: xx.xx.xx.xx:port

Just make sure other players (that are not on the same network/LAN as you) that they can see the actual age of the server and proper ping. Any player connecting to the server through LAN needs to do the Direct IP connect method.

Hope this helps!

Well ,here is how mine looks and it’s working


Notice 0 green lights?

Green lights will only show if you press the Test Ports button while the server is shut down.

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Server launcher was updated today btw! Make sure to get the new one

I do use the same computer, but my friend also sees ping9999. Only I can get in using the IP connection, not my friend.

When I tested it, it showed a green light, and the server could be created.
It feels like everything is normal, but ping9999 can’t follow up…

Most private servers in the list will show 9999 ping, that’s not indicative of anything, only official servers have ping restrictions.
Did you actually follow the guide the dedicated launcher comes with and set up port forwarding properly so your server is actually accessible from the outside?

Here: There’s the latest version uploaded today, and scroll up to the top to get detailed instructions on everything

I’m sorry. Wrong picture.


LEt me tell you, it’s working just fine :slight_smile: