Attention Fellow Exiles: The Iron Warriors need your blades!

Fellow Exiles,
Our clan is searching the entire land of Exiles for those forsaken by their cruel masters, chieftains, family or false lords. We all started like you, and wish to find more like minded, harden warriors to help establish our Clan, to take down the Cursed’Wall and solve the mystery of the serpent bracelet. Our mystics are working hard to rid us of this burden, and we encourage all those that desire the same to join the Iron Warriors.

We have made contact with other clans, but the enemies are many throughout our land. Other clans have agreed to work together (PVE) with known times for war among our clans to solve grievances. The new threat of the scourge has now become more pressing, as their goal is seeming only to steal the artifacts that we have shed blood, sweat, and tears to retrieve. Many minions of the underworld also walk this land, so we must face this threat united as a clan. We have an established outpost, The City of Iron, and can use your metal to help establish our Clan as the strongest in our Kingdom of Ruins.

Contact our Lord, Savior, and War Chief Overlord Customs below

“Iron wears Iron!!!”

Server: Kingdom of Ruins
IP: (Query Port: 28815)
add Overlord Customs #4995on discord

Installed Mods and order they all play well so dont feel like its over bearing… this adds alot of essentials to the game to make it more interesting and gives you things not in base game to add more for you…
Installed Mods

1.The Age of Calamitous(1113901982)
3.LitMan Weight(1341544207)
5.LitMan Loot Legendary Chests(1367028501)
7.pippi - User & Server Management -(880454836)
8.LitMan Thrall Placing Distance(884168480)

****Subject to change as mods are updated and/or conflicts arise