The Iron City Awaits you Exile

Fellow Exiles,
Our clan is in need of Exiles! This goes out to all those forsaken by their cruel masters, chieftains, family or false lords. We have much new land to conquer, creatures to slay, and are in need harden warriors to help our Clan build the Iron City. There are many mysteries mystics are working hard to to understand, and this burden is great! Come join our fellow warriors as we take back what is our, and establish the strongest Clan

We have made contact with other clans, but the enemies are many throughout our land. Other clans have agreed to work together (PVE) with known times for war (PVP) among our clans to solve grievances. The new threat of the scourge has now become more pressing, as their goal is seeming only to steal the artifacts that we have shed blood, sweat, and tears to retrieve. Many minions of the underworld also walk this land, so we must face this threat united as a clan. We have an established outpost, The City of Iron, and can use your metal to help establish our Clan as the strongest in our Kingdom of Ruins. The first MMO PVE/PVP sever on Conan! Come, grab a roasted haunch, some mead, and listen to our bards sing of warriors past and present, and tell great stories of glory! (we do use mods, make contact for complete list and to hear our Lore)

Contact our Lord, Savior, and Warsmith Overlord Customs below

“Iron wears Iron!!!”

Server: Kingdom of Ruins
IP: (Query Port: 28815)
add Overlord Customs #4995on discord