Brotherhood of Exiles (Age of Calamitous) Everyone Welcome

All are welcome

Anyone looking for a relaxed place to play conan
Brotherhood of Exiles , relaxed with mixed styles of play come join
looking for other clans or players that wanna roleplay with pve and pvp:

Goal of the server- its pve/pvp/rp all mixed together for all types of gameplay…
the server is growing i have simple rule system… for the pvp… cities are safezones for the clans. but everything outside of safezones is pvp play at your own risk… must fight to protect your resources and your forts .
roleplay- with jobs , task for your clan… and rank amongst your clan…
there is 7 factions all together come join one of the clans… soon a list will be added…
i have gotten nothing but positive feedback on my server which is awesome to hear…
wanna make a really good effort here… come join us and have fun with it…

gonna set up the following asap:
currency , arena fights , future collisium battles, future trading amonst clans, jobs and roles.

Please get with admin or admins before raiding so you know the details… this is how we can make this best for both play styles so everyone can have fun on this server and do both without to much hassle thx…

1.Lost Brotherhood - Cold Embrace faction- players wanted
2. Stormhold faction- Players wanted
3.The Enlightened- Felgarth faction- Players wanted
4.The Dark Reavers- Elven Covenant- Players wanted
5.Anour Hill - Faction- players wanted
6.-Arkanvail- faction- players wanted
7.The Abandoned-Vanghoul order- faction- players wanted
all factions but vanghoul will have 1 city a piece which is a safezone for roleplay and is like a kingdom
vanghoul is a raiding clan with 3 small tribes which one is lead by the cheiftan and the other two lead by captains or may use another name… with each a small group of roamers… they are the thieves guild pretty much of this server… for leadership its done like wolves the alpha leads so they will challenge each other for cheiftan then that chieftain will choose his captains for two side tribes. so who leads them will move them into raiding others… no offline raiding … its meant for you to scout out online prey then strategise on how to attack or do what they do in the game… roleplay as a menace pretty much… the rest roleplay as kingdoms and by the leadership of you guild. but questions hit up the discord to get established , hope to see you in…

Discord is setup to allow communication amongst everyone on server or you’ll be set up to channel just for your clan… and have places to speak directly about a certain topic…
Discord Server get iniated here (discord free to use)

or add HICKXKUSH #4692 on discord
even if you play on another server and/or or wanna play on both…
everyone likes this server
to get on server make sure you have the following-
7 mods added:
bring your clan and take over a faction of the age of calamitous that i have left for grabs according check out the rules of server cause i got it mixed for different types of play and some roleplay with it… pve pvp rp all in one… just got wiped cause the server company so every thing is being rebuilt again… but we can get everything ready and the idea for after the full release or for when the last wipe is done… but for now we can have a good time and figure out how we move forward and would love to have more players…

Brotherhood of Exiles (Age of Calamitous)

1.The Age of Calamitous(1113901982)
2.Pippi - User & Server Management -(880454836)
4.LitMan Thrall Placing Distance(884168480)
5.WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain(897947497)
7.SFXmod- soundFX for exiles(1272719871)


There is a lot of good people on the server and though we are slightly going through transitions it is a good time to get your foot in the door and establish yourself before the new update comes out. Currently there are three main factions to choose from who have established territories. Embers Rising who are associated with Stormhold, The Brotherhood who are associated with Cold Embrace and The Enlightened who are associated with Felgarth. All of which could use an active member base for things to come. If any interest you I recommend stopping by the discord and having a chat with everyone to find out what they are about.

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How many players can join a server max…more that 50?

if you liked the server above check out the one below
new server created info below
Conan Exiles
Server: Kingdom of Ruins
IP: (Query Port: 28815)

HI Welcome to the Kingdoms of Ruins this server is new looking for players to make the server lead in the direction im looking for. we will have a pve server with pvp and rp as in your roles you play amongst your clans… but i think its listed under a pve server but i would just hit skip … there will be ranks be added… so you will be able to rank up or down amongst your clan or server…
there will be a purge system worked out for the server.
there will be many great things added to be part of this server .
i will use the factions of the aoc to make the factions…
5 kingdoms of good people fighting for their homes , living the normal life of a job , and taking part in their clan according to their job amongst the clan…
2 factions are going to be wretched , one of bandits and the other a cult a darkness…

i have a nice setup for discord so join in and be apart of the server many new things will come as the server grows.

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add HICKXKUSH #4692 on discord

this is a basic introduction to this server i will add more on the server soon… come join in i have had more compliments before on past servers i have had… i like to make the server open for everyone of all types… somethings you may not like and somethings you might but i open the options for different things. but i am a fair server manager… i am learning something new everyday to make a better management for myself to the players of this server… i like to set a median so its stands out for all you players… for the most part this server is very laid back and everyone loves each others company as a team or enemy we have a good time… i want there to be more to work with more to do , and keep things running properly…

i have my server set to auto refresh every 6 hrs… to keep out the bugs as much as possible but not to much… 12am 6am 12pm 6pm eastern standard time in usa…

Installed Mods and order they all play well so dont feel like its over bearing… this adds alot of essentials to the game to make it more interesting and gives you more things not in base game to add more for you… like i said somethings youll like and somethings you wont but the options are yours to choose whether use them or not…
these mods work with no problems…
Installed Mods
1.The Age of Calamitous(1113901982)
2.Glass Constructions and more…(901911361)
3.Pippi - User & Server Management -(880454836)
4.Less Building Placement Restrictions (May 2018)(1369743238)
5.Immersive Sexiles Extensions(1164148209)
6.Conan Sexiles(1206493209)
7.LitMan Thrall Placing Distance(884168480)
8.Ruins of the Storm: Placeables(1313840016)
9.LitMan Weight(1341544207)
12.LTs Compass(1185321962)
13.Valhalla Archery(1378669427)
14.Bodysuits - (April 2018)(1119906897)

Kingdoms of Ruins mod pack
these are the mods for this server