Attributes gone, gender change and whatnot

I’m in single player on siptah on Playstation, and when I logged on today, my gender has changed, all worn gear and weapons on character is gone. Feats are reset, but still at level 60, so all feats can be relearned. All attributes are gone and I only get one attribute point for use, even though I’m still at lvl 60. Also journey items are reset back to no achieved steps. This aparently only applies to the Siptah save and not the regular gamesave.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


Place this under bug reports and send a ticket to Zendesk. Never heard of this one myself.

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I did but no reply as of yet. Its happened a few more times, so I’ve had to reset back to an older save… Its quite annoying to have to do the same thing again and again…

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