Female character turned to male on Singleplayer

I haven’t played for about a week on SP but when I logged into my game, My female character turned to male on SP siptah on ps5. Everything is seemed okay and I have all my stuff, buildings, thralls etc. only thing different is my character turned to male. I had this character for since 2022. This is a weird bug, has anyone got this before.


Welcome to the Forum. This happened to someone last week he ended up with white haired dude instead of his female character. I believe he’s playing offline. You could make a Zendesk report at Zendesk Funcom. com @itsRensta

Is this in fact the generic white haired dude? If so, your character probably didn’t really “change” but instead, it’s defaulting to “white haired dude”. So under the right conditions, the character may look normal, kind of like when you spawn in your base (if this has ever happened to you) and all your worker thralls look like “white haired dude”. This is actually a much better problem to have than your character suddenly having a random assortment of features because it should be able to be fixed (white haired dude was hanging on the cross in the intro video at 3.0 launch until the first patch).

So fear not the white haired dude. He abides. Nonetheless, I understand your frustration. It’s probably something dragging down your hardware resources. In the meantime, you could relog in the middle of nowhere away from your base and stuff and see if it’s just a “too much stuff loading at once” problem.



That is what happened to the last person with the problem. Same thing with some of the spawned creatures.

Hehe it’s time to repost a 2nd time this gif

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Ah the white haired man…he is a placeholder when your internet is slow or you have trouble loading. That’s an old thing from the first days of the game. Haven’t seen him for a long time…? Must be back!!

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Yes at one time in all benches and wheel of pain been in the game since day one Ps4 lots of things have changed over the years

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Yes I just noticed both my female characters on both Exile land and siptah changed to white hair males.
Is there a fix for this?

It depends. If you can go out of render distance, relog and you look normal, it is likely you have too much stuff at your base and would need to pare it down. Its a memory/hardware issue loading everything in. If using a ps4, replacing the drive with an ssd may help but is likely just buying you more headroom till it happens with more stuff. You could try vacuuming out the playstation to see if its at heat slowdown causing the issue too. There arent a lot of knobs for funcom to tweak on consoles that they arent already tweaking so while an optimization in the next patch may alleviate it for a time, more stuff at your base will likely make it happen again.

Basically, decreasing your footprint at your spawnpoint is the best bet, or simply log in and out far from your main base where there is less to load in with your character.

I’m on ps5 but I’ll try out some of the things you said and see if it will fix it. If not I may just have to restart a new game. Thanks

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My wife started a offline Exiles female character today curious to see what happens.

My wife went into her offline game today and is still female

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