Woke up as male without journal entries

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Here]

Hello. I am new to Conan Exiles and I have been playing on PS4 as single player. Basic settings.

Yesterday my character woke up as male. She went bed (bedroll) as female. All the items in the quick menu were gone, but inventory and armour were still on. My pet was close by, and I could interact with it, but his inventory was gone.

Also all journal entries were gone, everything. But level (36) and feats were as they should be.

I tried relogging and removed bracelet, no change. Still male.

Is there anything that can be done to restore character details/gender? I am not too worried about journal nor lost equipment, but gender really bugs me.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to sleep as female
  2. Wake up as male, with no memory what you have accomplished

That’s horrifying. The exiled lands shouldn’t have middle of the night gender changes especially without consent.


Well. You know in Monster Hunter World you actually have to pay money to change your characters gender. You got it for free So allway think positiv. :grinning:

joke aside:. this game is very buggy. I am not surpised even this can happen. I have a torture worktable with a female dafari taskmaster. Everytime i log in she becomes a naked white dude with silver hair. I then venture of through my maproom. When i am back its the female dafari taskmaster again.

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Is this after patch update? Or just logging out and back in?

Havnt had this, but my Voice changed from 1.39 (or 1.40) or 1.41
Nice soft voice to a …“sounds of someone putting large objects into back door”
(best way to describe her attack sounds…)

No way fix it sadly till they make a way to redo character with out starting over. =/
I’m sure save file wise, you may edit it on PC to fix it. Nothing to do on ps4 side with out breaking rules. =/

Trigger warning:

…or join a college track team for women.

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Just logging out and then back in.

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