Im dude...but just recently, and against my will

Single player

I logged off as a female, which is the norm and logged on today as a dude. Big surprise, also all of my knowledge is gone, but the points arent returned and I still cannot learn sorcery, even though i have done the quest like 6 times. At least my house hasn’t didappeared randomly this time, so there is that. WTF!! Also the new run but not run thing is super annoying and the opening boxes but not being able to grab anything is cringe worthy. But mostly, the gender was the big ole boot to the brain!

Im still a dude. Im all for equality, but this is ridiculous. I may need counseling.

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Maybe a bucket of cold water would help. :grin:

Seriously though, I’m not entirely sure how exactly single player works on PS5, but I would hazard a guess that maybe your character file got corrupted somehow. Unfortunately I’m not sure how you’d go about fixing it on PS5 either short of remaking the character.

Just out of curiosity, does your character also have long white hair now? A male character with long white hair seems to be the default model when something goes wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’ve only seen it on NPCs.


It’s general default even for player character so high likely their save file got corrupted.
It’s a console so the only thing they can do is start new single player game.

As @Glurin wondered so I also wonder, if you have become white haired dude. It could just be the female skin has somehow broken and its fixable with a patch to some underlying code. Without actually changing anything, I wonder what options you see in the orb of nergal. The game may think you are a lady still and show you female options.

I am a the white haired guy, so eerie that everyone knows that, i am new to the game. I tried the orb first thing, only man stuff there. Maybe i will try again. Ugh. So tedious. That’s a lot of hours, i must admit, with the new sprint system, not sure if I’m up for it. Thanks though, for the help.

Well it was just for testing it; cant really draw conclusions on seeing dude options but it may help funcom figure out what happened.


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