[AUDIO IS LIFE] OST to listen to while playing Conan

Hi guys,

First of all, let me say that I absolutely love Conan Exiles’ OST. In fact, embedded within its layers, I sometimes discover small (or big) bits of audio references to other OST, whether intended or not. And I enjoy doing this very much.

However, if you spend many hours playing —and mostly around the same location— aural fatigue might knock on your door and say: hey, give me something new! Something fresh!

So, whenever that happens to me, I feed my ears some Guild Wars’ OST, which is an absolute beauty and fits different areas of CE’s world almost to perfection.

If I stay in the desert, I go for GW Nightfall OST. If I go to the north, I switch to GW Eye of the North OST. If I go to the jungle (which I don’t do, because there is no brimstone wink-to-devs-please-add-brimstone-although-there-might-be-a-scientifical-explanation-as-for-why-not-to), I may choose GW Factions OST, even though jungle-like tracks are diluted along the whole franchise’s soundtrack.

Nightfall: https://youtu.be/DAMTU_18yrM
Eye of the North: https://youtu.be/0d_QVu9C5sE
Factions: https://youtu.be/z6JA5ncNnq0

And now, it is your turn: do you play at all times with the game’s music or do you have some other OST or album playing in the background? which one? did you like this one?

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Q:What is best in life conan?
A: youtube. com /watch?v=ZeZL2R9jDJM

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Well, that’s a highly suitable choice. :joy:

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