Authentication failed on private

Game mode: [Online private modded)]
Type of issue: [authentication failed after player not logout properly]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [no region]

Many times when players didn’t log out before a reboot or Update, he can’t log in again. Most of the time, the issue is resolved with reboot computer or reboot steam. But sometimes nothing work.
reboot computer/steam, reinstall game, delete mod, reboot server etc… nothing work and the player can’t log in game on the server definitly. i see that it’s already a long time issue. Nothing has been found for this issue ?

Here is the server Log that may help :

[2019.02.19-21.03.25:571][864]BattlEyeLogging:Error: Player 21 unregistered
[2019.02.19-21.03.25:571][864]BattlEyeLogging: BattlEyeServer: Print Message: Player #20 disconnected
[2019.02.19-21.03.25:575][864]Dreamworld:Error: GetPlayerId could not return a valid UID! Player may be logged out!

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Hey @Yipman

Thanks for the heads-up, we had users report this issue months ago. For now, we’ll send it to our team and they’ll look into it. In the meanwhile, just in case, here’s the official BattlEye FAQ just in case there is any solution in there that could help you in this situation:

For what it is worth, I am on a private server with mods and we do not use BattleEye and we also have the server reboot overnight daily. This may help. Good luck.

Thanks @Ignasis and @Grymm for the answer, I have seen the Battle Eye FAQ but nothing speak about this specific issue. Full reinstall of battle eye has never help also for players that never could resolve this issue.

I think it’s something wrong happen in the Conan Exiles Database, because when I rollback ther server in previsous date before the player issue, the log in issue was resolved.
But I can’t roll back the server each time a player has this issue.

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Thanks for the additional info, we’ll send it to our team. :slight_smile:


This seems to be happening to one of my users with slower Internet speeds.

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I’m not sure who you use for a host for your server. If you can access your servers database files you should find the player list and see if they are alive or dead. We had a weird issue last year where players would log out or crash while dead and their character would stay dead and not be able to log in again and sometimes even cause the server to crash. I was in the database file and saw that the player who couldn’t log in were actually dead. In there you can edit the file and change them to alive.

I had this issue on my server. I needed to “kick” the player from the server so they could rejoin. Have you checked to see if the game thinks they are still logged in? If so thats the issue I had.

I will see the database if the issue appear again. But i prefer don’t touch on it^^
For the.solution to kick player, i have thought about it but i can’t kick him if he is not conected.

In my case… The server thought the player was still connected. In that case when they tried to connect they kept getting an error about not being able to login. Whilst on the server it was complaining about a valid UID.

The person “looked” like they were connected even though they weren’t. So when I checked the user list they appeared as if they were online. This is why I could kick them. So if you don’t see them in the online list, then this isn’t your issue.

Sorry was just mentioning it, in case this was your issue. It happened when the persons game crashed. Hasn’t happened since. Was a once off.

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