Connection failed when joining server

Hello all. So I run a private server and have 1 player who simply has troubles always getting into the server. He does seem to be on slightly order hardware as it takes him awhile to load in, but 80% of the time when he tries to connect he gets a failed to join server. All other 8-9 players have had zero issues, and is only this one specific person.

When this happens exiting and relogging steam, rebooting, uninstalling and reinstalling Battleeye, all haven’t worked. Think he also tried running it as admin. In the logs I see it references this, “LogNet: PreLogin failure: AuthenticationFailed” but beyond that there’s not much to go on. He’s been on the server multiple times, and was on just a few days ago.

Also this error in the logs -

[2019.05.22-00.22.24:799][901]BattlEyeLogging:Error: Player 5 unregistered
[2019.05.22-00.22.24:800][901]BattlEyeLogging: BattlEyeServer: Print Message: Player #5 Noc disconnected
[2019.05.22-00.22.24:801][901]Dreamworld:Error: GetPlayerId could not return a valid UID! Player may be logged out!

Quick edit, but this post also references the same issue but no fix is mentioned. The person does not show as online, so it’s not possible to kick them.

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